Foggy image - possible hardware solution

Tomp, would you please post or message me a link to the parts you got for the external antennae ?


3/4’s of a year and not ONE reply or acknowledgement from the WYZE staff, really?
More and more questionable things have been popping up with WYZE lately.
Pretty disappointing.

Has anyone tried to clean and fix the foggy image of a Cam Pan? Any comments about trying to fix a pan? Thanks

Screwdriver Set

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I like these small 5 or 6 piece pocket size sets which covers most everything. There used to be a set where all the drivers were same length and had a hole to insert a rod for high torque.

Careful with the larger sets that have many various heads and a plastic handle, they strip out.

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Can this fix be done on a Wyze Cam Pan? Mine is getting fuzzy.

You will likely need to disassemble it to clean the little glass disk that sits on the photo sensor… I’ve done it on a number of occasions To my V2’s but not a pan camera.

I’ve done both … the pan is a bit harder (with the hidden screw) to do… but doable just take your time.

On the glass disk be careful not to break it’s very thin.
I’ve used alcohol on the rubber holder to loosen it while pressing the rubber down around the disk gently to help the alcohol seep under.

Pic of a V2 …

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I have a Wyze Pan camera. This foggy image was annoying the heck out of me so i finally opened the whole thing. Had to get all the way to the camera sensor assembly. I have figured out that it’s the rubber gasket that is emitting gases and after a while they form a film on the clear glass round cover sticking to the rubber gasket. I took if off and wiped is clean with rubbing alcohol. The difference is night and day. Well, night and night but a lot brighter and clearer. Wyze should cover this as a manufacturing issue and replace the units which have this issue.


thanks for this - yep, v2 camera really “bloomy” when light was on and fuzzy picture always. lil piece of glass was coated with white gunk. Cleaned in IPA, now no bloom and sharp picture. hardest part was big fingers w/tweezers trying to get the damn antennae wire plugged in.

How little is that little piece of glass…

The round one is about 1/2" in diameter …
Square ones about 3/8" squares.


I’m curious… What led you to surmise that the rubber gasket is the source of the fuzzy lens?

It’s about 1/2" diameter and really thin

Because the foggy coating is on the inside (facing the sensor) of the round thin glass. I tried to clean it in place and the outside surface glass was clean and no residue on it. It’s when I took the glass off of the rubber gasket I noticed that the foggy part is the exact same shape as the shape of the gasket. When I applied the alcohol on the sensor facing side it dissolved the residue and the thin glass came clean. That’s why I am sure whatever is happening is happening inside the rubber chamber.


Quote from a member ‘New Plastics can give off a Fogg which sticks to glass (in fact all surfaces) and result in foggy images when exposed to warm to hot temperatures.’

Similar to what happens in my truck …in the heat of the day in time the inside windshield fogs up with oily residue especially without adequate ventilation.

You can leave out the rubber housing and glass disk entirely like some have done also…

Why do they have the whole thing in there anyway? To protect the sensor from attracting dust particles? Or to prevent light bleeding in from the sides?

… keeping dust out (I found no dust in cam housing) or keeping the fog from reappearing (may need to be re-cleaned in a year or so) … it’s up to you …no light light bleeding according who done it only clearer image.