Fast forward on playback



Doesn’t look like it, kind of a show stopper for me. Not sure why they can’t launch an external player to view long video and choose playback speed. I don’t have 90 minutes to watch for something that wasn’t detected via motion.


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We currently use a card reader and swap µSD cards while we view them on the Mac or PC. We use VLC a free video player and set the video playback in VLC to high speed to sift through the entire day’s or night’s video timeline. Until they add this feature to the WyzeCam and the App this may help. You can go through a whole day in a very short time with this method and multiple camera recordings. If you see something fly by that is of interest, simply pause the video and slow down the video playback speed, then resume high speed again. We prefer to view any incidents on the big wide screens on the Mac anyway so we can save it to HDD if necessary. Plus it makes it much easier to control the video and view it this way.

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