Different Alert Sound For Wyze Notifications

I agree I don’t always check My alerts From my wyze cams right away But if I hear the other sound from my other brand cameras I know I need to check because I very rarely get a false alert from them , they are PIR


“Settings>Notifications>Wyze>Wyze Normal>Sound” is not available on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) either. I will check out the app you mentioned.

Thx for the tip on later certainly of Android. That at least got me a unique sound for Wyze. I still would like to be able to customize sounds per device groups.

On my Huawei Mate 20 lite running Android 8.1.0 is not possible to change the sound for the Wyze cam v2.
I can change it for Messenger, WhatsApp and a few other apps, but not for Wyze.

Is this still not implemented?
If not, when will it be?

It should work on Android 8 . It does on Samsung devices
Go to settings > notifications > wyze > wyze normal > then sound , And select what sound you want .

I found that solution in the thread but there isn’t a Wyze normal option weirdly enough.

This is all I have.

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Will do :+1:t2:.

Thanks for trying to help though.

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Are you using Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow?) That’s what I have (6.0.1) and the option to change the sound (Wyze Normal) is not available. Bummer!

Nope, android 8. Soon there will be an update to 9. I hope that will change things.

To get a personalised ringtone on my Samsung android phone I use an app called rings extended which allows me to choose the tone I require. I go to settings - notifications - wyze app and select ringtone.
Without rings extended you cannot assign individual tones to each app as the latest Samsung update removed this function.


I installed that app, but I can’t find any option to change the notification tone.

The latest update did not remove that function for my Samsung devices

I did this on my wife’s Samsung phone (Galaxy J7 Prime) a while ago and it works.
In iOS, however, there’s just no way to do it. I would like to have different notification sound options, even custom tones (the latter only Android allows), FOR EACH CAMERA from within the Wyze app.

That way I could set more ‘dramatic’ alerts for more sensitive areas, and more ‘relaxed’ ones for zones that aren’t that critical. In a similar fashion, one could set different notification sounds for cameras, contact, and motion sensors; etc.

This feature would add more value to an already amazing line of products!


Be able to change the sounds for different notifications depending on the device

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As part of our home security I really need a different sound to notify when someone is in my garage. The normal notification sound doesn’t wake me up. Thank you so much I absolutely am so grateful for these marvellous cameras. I can’t wait for the motion sensors to be available in Canada.

Yes, I agree with Larry7. Wyze app needs different sounds for each camera, door sensors, and motion sensors. Having different tones or sounds available in the Wyze app would make the system much easier to use. If someone opened my front door it needs to have a distinct sound verses the sound on the back door etc. Same with the cameras.

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It would be a huge benefit to be able to set a custom notification sound in the app. I care much more about looking at a door opening alert promptly than an email.

Extra wish, different alert sound options per alert type (again, more interested in a door opening than a bug flying by or a cloud making a light change in a window). This is above and beyond though, really I just want a separate Wyze sound without having to load a 3rd party notification sound app.

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I finally gave up on waiting and installed “Tasker” on my phone. I’m using it to capture notifications from the Wyze app and output different sounds and spoken notifications based on text in the Wyze notification. It’s a lot of configuration work, but the results are pretty cool. However, it would be a lot easier if I could just choose my own notification sounds directly in the Wyze app.