Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

the video from an event was manipulated to remove a person that was checking mailboxes on our cul de sac.

I reduced it to slo mo, and then made a photo so I could see the really poor job of photo shopping the recording.

I have a ticket with Wyze and sent them all the information including a copy of the 1 minute video of the event.

I’m not sure what they will find out, but it was a pretty cool prank. It is just a bit unnerving for someone to not only monitor these cameras, but manipulate a recording on the sd card as well.

All passwords were changed to include my wifi passwords. What a pain that is.

If one got hacked they all got hacked.

You think someone hacked into your camera SD card, found one specific clip, edited it and put it back?

Yes, that is exactly what happened. I slowed the clip down and retrieved over 350 frames(photos) of the event. Taking an individual frame and blowing it up shows the manipulation very clearly.

Wyze states it would have to be someone who hacked into my Wyze account. They have the information now, and I am waiting for some feedback.

It would be interesting to know how they wrote back to the micro SD card over a WiFi connection. I wasn’t aware the firmware even supported that capability.


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It doesn’t. They would have had to write their own software.
Seems like a lot of work to check a mailbox.

My thoughts exactly. Why?

Was this a random act that someone wanted to experiment and see what they could get away with?

I just signed up for the Beta program. Coincidence? Maybe a bored Tech with nothing to do late at night? If so, I would like to know. And I would like to know what Wyze has done to prevent it from happening to someone else. It would not be the first time a security camera employee stepped across the line.

It has me evaluating my choice of a security camera system. Could the same scenario have happened with a stand alone wired system?

Do I need to purchase another system? Until I get some definitive answers, I’ll be looking at all of my options.

Security breaches can happen with any system tied to the Internet, though unlikely.

I doubt very much that your camera was hacked. The video clip you describe happens frequently with my cameras. Clips with time missing. Usually during movement.

I absolutely see a huge need for this. Being able to go into settings in your Wyze app and just change your wifi’s password is something that should be available to customers without us having to reset all out Wyze devices (which is tedious and time-consuming) I have used other security camera’s and I have seen this option in those camera’s settings where I could just change wifi password without having to go through the process all over again. For me, this Will save a lot of trouble since I sometimes have to change
wifi password due to my children loosing their ability to use the internet


The Wyze app 2.26.22 on my Android phone allows me to change the wifi login/password for my Wyze lock whenever I want. Please allow users to do the same for their thermostats, cameras, etc.

Requiring users to run thru the original installation steps, is extremely painful for things like thermostats that have already been physically installed. Or cameras installed in hard to reach areas.


I agree. There should be a way to change the network and passwords without resetting the WYZE devices. I just added N/W extenders and now need to reset the Wyze devices.


It is beyond ridiculous that I have to reset every single one of my sixteen bulbs upon setting up a new network because Wyze’s engineers can’t be bothered to introduce simple network-switching functionality in their products. Beyond ridiculous.

This is how you lose customers.


Please hang 10 cameras up ladder-high around your building and require your Product team leaders to each reset the SSID/password on all of them after work each day before they leave to see if that team building exercise spawns any creative ideas on solving this problem that so many of us clearly find frustrating.


Blink cameras allow you to change without setting up again. And their camera is now cheaper than Wyze v3.

Although you do have to physically press the reset button so not a lot of difference.

Blink cameras allow you to change WiFi connection. And they are now cheaper than V3.

Although you do have to physically press the reset button so not a lot of difference.

So there still no way to change the wifi setting without going through the whole setup on the thermostat?


Security best practices say to change your ssid passwords regularly. Wyze current process does not support this use case easily. While you made it easy for initial setup, it fails at supporting security best practices.


This really is a simple fix for Wyze. I’m surprised that they haven’t implemented something yet. Why is this simple? They already have most of the needed code in place. When you go to your accounts and have it do a firmware check, it lists ALL Wyze devices. Update the primary phone app with the code to send to each device. On each device, when it is installed, have it record the primary phone MAC to handshake for authenticity and allow the SSID and Password changes. The reset on the device can continue to function as is. This way, on the primary phone app, you check “SSID and Password Update” and put in the new settings and then have the app update the devices. Since Wyze is becoming more security conscious, this really needs to happen so that if a user’s network is compromised, they can quickly make changes in minutes, with minimal labor.


Updating Wifi Details Without Having to Take Down Cams

Quick background - had to change my internet provider recently due to lack of service/support from provider, so now my V2s (qty 3) and V3 (qty 1) are not accessible through the app. The only way to update the wifi details is to reinstall - which is going to require climbing a ladder in Canada, in the winter. It’s been between -20•C and -35•C for a few weeks now (currently -25), not exactly the kind of weather you want to be climbing up and down ladders to reprogram cameras in. Is it possible to make this a feature within the app for ease of use and so northerners don’t break a leg trying to keep their cameras running?


Hi @JouleZee and welcome to the Community forum.
An interim fix is to use @toddmarquardt suggestion.

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