Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume


Open Wyze app > open “account” > Then open “help and feedback” > then click the yellow icon all the way at the bottom and submit the report


Mine doesn’t look like that.


Did you tap to open “account” , Then open “help and feedback” , then click the yellow icon all the way at the bottom ?


I did it a different way the first time. I just went back and went back and looked again. I resent it with the text file and just got a response back a few minutes ago. New ticket # 189341!

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I don’t know what the deal is with me I haven’t gotten a response back at all :thinking:


When my voice got real loud the camera finally detected The sound and Recorded a clip , I have the TV on in the same room that won’t set it off.
When I played back the clip I put the phone To my ear and Could hear a lot of static Along with the faint audio


I have the same problem. The sound has to be real loud for the camera to pick it up. I have one camera five feet away from the TV and it doesn’t even pick up the sound from the TV. Before the firmware update I did not have this problem.


Yeah, Something is screwed up it’s not right

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Yes while it may have six some bugs it created some other issues with the software and hardware as well

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I don’t know about your cameras but I got some kind of mass firmware update and it fixed my problems. All cameras seem to be working better


May I ask what firmware you updated too?


That’s the screwy part. It says that it’s the same firmware version but when I opened up my app there was something about a mass update and then all of a sudden my sound is working better. The info bubble also said something about in app payment to PayPal. Then I had to press " Got it" to open the app. Maybe it was a patch?

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No new update for me today I am already Updated to 4.10 .3 .40 , No change with the low volume


OK so this is what’s up
The phone with v2.1.27 app, The sound Is working OK
The phone with beta v2.2.19 app, The sound is not working OK


@mixonepa, I just sent in a ticket through the app with the log.
@HDRock, I’m using app v1.5.82, I just updated to get rid of the yellow tint… Didn’t think there would be an audio issue until I saw your post

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Is that Android or iOS ?
I don’t see that version in the list , Release Notes


@HDRock it’s Android. Yeah I guess they didn’t put release notes in it for some reason.


I realized my audio is almost non existent because I have my wyzecam inside a cabinet…:blush:

I’ll have to test it outside the cabinet to see if the sound is still low…

Actually, when I recorded a video from the SD card playback, and I played it back on the saved album, the sound seemed to work fine. I did have to turn it to max volume though. This means there is some issue with the app with the sound when you are using the SD card playback.


Thank you :call_me_hand:t5:


@mixonepa I tested it with the cabinet open… The sound is still very faint and comes in and out. I never received a ticket after submitting app logs. I’ll try again. I don’t think it went through the first time.

My Wyze Ticket # is 190586

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