Browser or Web Viewer

The Wyze Guys got mad the web address was leaked… :rofl:

Took it down to punish us, be good and maybe we get it back soon

They never announced it yet so why wouldn’t they get mad… It’s like whenever apples new phone leaks every year, of course they’re mad…

Tried searching, apologies if this has been covered.

Is there a time limit on how long you can watch a live stream? I’ll try to time it, but it seems like after some time the whole screen will refresh and I have to click the camera I want to watch again.

Now, when I click on one of my Outdoor cameras in Chrome, I receive a message that only v2, v3, and Pan cameras are supported.

Great job, Wyze! Congrats on all your hard work. We appreciate it!

Wow and the events is awesome too.

Glad to see it’s back up again, Thanks Wyze Guys & Gals :grin:

I tried it out on my Dell Laptop and it works but I have no use for it. I did have one question though. If your are using it will the cam still record events and continuous recording to the 64 GB SD card I have in the cam?. If I really had an interest I would just use my 9x12 iPad plugged in and use in Live view.

My browser says my cam needs a firmware update to view in browser, but the app says the cam is up to date… Not really sure what I’d use it for…?

Due to WOC being battery powered it is not supported

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Thanks Jason! I actually found out about from this article, it didn’t mention battery operated. I wonder if that will change when the solar panel power comes out…? :crossed_fingers: it comes out before I have to charge again.