Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

Wrong. Unfortunately, I have pictures and video to prove what I’m saying. It CAN NOT be restarted remotely. No need to get into a debate. It does not work and there are ample people attesting to that fact on social media. But let us know what the magical solution is rather than simply contradicting without a valid solution. Contradiction is not a viable answer.

Open a support ticket. I can power cycle all of my cams (7) without issue.

To all concerned here; let’s be clear. “Restart Device” does not perform a power recycle. It is essentially a reboot of the camera. It also does it over an IoT channel separate from the livestream. :slight_smile:

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All my cameras are v2 and have 80% wifi strength or higher and they run into the issues mentioned in this thread, so I’m not sure where the idea came from that this is a wifi coverage issue. My cameras occasionally drop their connection and require me to physically power cycle them to get them working again (the in-app restart fails). Definitely not a wifi coverage issue for me - and this is the biggest black eye of the Wyze cams in my opinion.


I just purchased 3 cameras and installed last week…easy and worked great until today. Woke up to no internet…company fixed outage within 1 hr…everything in my home reconnected except Wyze cameras…
Finally had to get on ladder to restart par cameras like new install.
This is a deal breaker unless resolved. These will be used for security when away for months at a time… 1 internet outage and I’m dead in the water. Please advise if there’s a solution.

I will like to ask that in the next firmware revision to add a counter. When cameras are offline start the counter and when the counter reaches x counts try to connect if successful fine if not reset the counter and start again.

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I five of the Wyze v2 and my wireless is blanketed throughout the whole house. They have no problem connection but the issue comes when I want to reboot my router while the cams are on. They just won’t reconnect. I have to go to each camera physically and unplug it and plug it back in.

This is pretty frustrating when they house the sense module and then my lights no longer work with automation. Is there a basic setting I’m missing that tells them to reconnect once they see the wifi signal come back from restarts/power outages?

Check your router.

I’ve two sites, one in Mississippi (on a 6Mb down, maybe 1 up if the stars align, 5 to 7 cams), one in Northern Virginia, (50 down/20 up, 6 to 8 cams). I run Beta.
The Mississippi site has short outages (flicker to several minutes) a couple of times a week and an occasional several hour outage maybe once every 3 months. Only once last summer did I have to go through and unplug/replug the cams and that was just after I upgraded them ALL, before that (and after) they always recovered. It’s been about 7 months since then.
The Virginia site get’s maybe 1 power outage every 4 months. Never a problem.

I reboot my router at least once a month for various configuration reasons, and all my Wyze devices always come back on line. No one with a problem has ever mentioned what router they are using, as far as I know. I am using a Netgear R6400, what are you using? I don’t think there is anything special about my settings.

I’ll try to comb through all my settings with the router and wyze and make sure I’m not missing anything.

I see you withdrew the post where you said you were using an ASUS router. The only experience I have with ASUS routers is the recent one I originally tried to buy in place of my current Netgear. After two units were bricked by their initial firmware update, the support person I talked to told me never to use their latest firmware, lol. So I returned them and bought the Netgear. Happy ever since.

There are some warnings about ASUS routers in the support database. Maybe one of these will help, or maybe you ran into something else:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out those posts.

I too have the problem of cameras not reconnecting. I don’t need to reset the cameras, just restart the Wyze app and they reconnect immediately. This is totally unacceptable. I don’t believe it is a signal strength issue, as some of my cameras are withing 10’ of the router. I have factory reset cameras, reinstalled the app without success.

A simple start all over reconnect feature would fix the problem. If this issue is not addressed soon I will have to throw out Wyze as a camera solution!

Wyze, here’s a suggestion for a relatively simple fix for unresponsive cameras. A large number of us have suffered from cameras that go offline after a power or WiFi glitch and have to be manually powered off/on to get them back online. It would seem to be a relatively simple fix to add a very low level routine to the camera firmware that restarts the camera after a certain number of failed attempts to contact Wyze servers within a given timeframe.

I would like to see bulbs and sensors be equipped with a “offline timer” and automatically reset themselves and automatically attempt to reconnect to the WiFi when they have been in an offline state for 2 hours. Having zero control when remote is frustrating as bulbs and sensors go offline.

For the sensors, they don’t ever connect to WiFi, they just connect to the bridge. You can try to reconnect them remotely by rebooting the camera that the bridge is plugged into with the app. There were also a couple people that use Wyze cameras at remote properties that had the camera power supply plugged into a smart plug so they could attempt to hard reboot the camera if it was unreachable in the app and they were far away.
I know that’s not what you were looking for, but it’s a work around.

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Thanks yes my cameras are fine. It is my bulbs and sensors that are causing me the greatest grief.

Wondering if the auto restart feature was implemented yet or in the plan?

Hello @rattanak22 and welcome to the community

This feature has not been implemented yet, the easiest way to tell is at the top it is listed as ‘maybe-later’, if/when they start working on this it will change to ‘researching’

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