Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

Alexa skill not available on the México Amazon skill store

Welcome to the community, @ivanngv. I have moved your topic to this #wishlist thread. You can vote for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

because the Canada skill topic did not move to the Support topic?

Alexa skill not available on the Canadian Alexa skill store

There isn’t a “support” topic. This is a user to user forum. The general area for discussions is #ask-the-community. This area, #wishlist, is where users make requests for new features, etc. Since the lack of Alexa skill outside the US would be a new feature, the post was moved here.

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Wyze Cam not avaiable on the Brazilian Alexa skill store

Its really important to have this skill avaiable! Please help the Brazilian users to easy their lives with this skill!

Thanks in advance!

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Yes please, skill in spanish.

Thanks for the reply Frederik,

I am a User in Germany who happens to be in the US a lot. So, I contacted Wyze before purchasing some Cams and they informed me in advance that a) their warranty does not extend beyond the US and b) that the Alexa Skill was currently only available in the US.

So, even knowing this, I went ahead and got my Cams. Did I expect the Skill to be available soon? Of course I did but, I was made aware ahead of time.

So, to defend Wyze beyond the explanation of Frederik, anyone could have gotten in contact with the company prior to their purchase too. All it takes is an email. Especially since the Alexa Skill is obviously not there to find.

Having said all that, I also believe that the added production volume and thus lowering of Unit costs should easily offset the cost of setting up a European Skill. For starters you could make it only available in English first to lower costs.