AIr purifier sold out?

@mrlogboy @torishu what are your order numbers? I’ll pass it on to Wyze and see if we can find out what is going on with your order (You’re welcome to post it in here or DM it instead, and I’ll pass it up the chain and see what they can find out for you).

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Thanks, @carverofchoice.

I already contacted Wyze and they said one of the items in my order is backordered and that the order can’t ship until all the items are available. I had ordered one extra standard filter with the unit; that was the complete order.

I am going to try to give it another six days (5/12 – a full month) and then pursue a refund, through PayPal if Wyze won’t accomodate me (like @maxrpm mentioned).

I went through something similar with the Wyze Vacuum. At least that was a pre-order, but I received it in three different shipments, I believe (and not at my insistence), after longer-than-expected delays whereas Wyze claims my extra filter can’t ship separately from the unit in this case. Strange.

The stress of Wyze holding on to $192.88 of my money on a “Ships immediately!” order for over three weeks is starting to get to me and it’s time to chalk it up as an experience and move on.

It’s frustrating to read about other users receiving their order of an extra filter separate from the unit (“Air Purifier shipping questions” thread), but Wyze claims that’s the reason for my delay. Or other users receiving multiple units, other users who ordered after me getting theirs.

Wyze e-mailed me on 4/20, acknowledging that my order said it would ship immediately:

Hey Friend!

You’re probably wondering, “Where the heck is my Wyze Air Purifier?! They said it shipped immediately, why don’t I have it!”

Well, good news and bad news. It WAS shipping immediately when we sent the email, but demand for Wyze Air Purifier was much higher than anticipated. That means that some orders, namely your order, didn’t ship immediately. What’s the good news then? Glad you are wondering.

We just got another shipment into our fulfillment facility and we should be able to get your Wyze Air Purifier out this week.

We know it isn’t ideal. Thank you for your patience as we get this all worked out. We will keep you in the loop if anything changes.


Your friends at Wyze

My order did not ship that week and still has not shipped two weeks later. Wyze did not “keep [me] in the loop,” as promised. In fact, the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal has been the lack of communication. The 4/20 e-mail was all I heard until I filed a support ticket earlier this week.

I’ve been a loyal Wyze customer – I have five Wyze cams in use right now, upgraded throughout the years from earlier Wyze cams – nine in total. I’ve got nine Wyze Night Lights, the Wyze Cordless Vacuum, the Wyze Floor Lamp, twelve Wyze Bulb Colors, Wyze 32GB micro SD card, and I had a Wyze Cam Pan v2 in my cart for Mother’s Day (passed on that, obviously, because of this experience). CamPlus subscriber too.

This experience has me considering other options despite my investment in Wyze. Just a little communication could have gone a long way. I am patient. I proved it with the various Wyze pre-orders, and up until now with the Wyze Air Purifier.

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I am sorry to hear of your struggles.

I am also surprised they are saying the extra Filter is holding up the order. I ordered an extra filter with mine too, and it just got shipped separately like 1-2 weeks later. I wonder if they could separate your order like they did to others of us. I ordered through the website in the afternoon of the first day, so I had to wait a while for the second shipment of devices to come in first (they did warn those of us who ordered in the afternoon/evening that shipping would not be immediate though), but when the air purifiers came in, they just shipped them out separately from the filter.

Did you order from the app then? I know the website and app were using separate platforms to fulfill orders at that time, maybe the app partner couldn’t ship them separately, but the website partner was able to or something.

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@carverofchoice, yes, I’ve heard of others receiving their extra filter separately from the unit as well.

This was what support said:

Thank you for reaching out! It looks like the items from your order is currently backordered, but do not worry it should be shipping soon. We are currently unable to split this order into separate shipments so all items will be shipping together once the backordered item is in stock.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

So, at this point it feels like Wyze is trying to stall me for some reason. That’s precisely what makes me nervous about the $192.88 payment being accepted immediately.

I ordered through the website like you. Very strange and it isn’t instilling confidence. :slight_smile:

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That could be my situation as well I ordered the air filter and an extra filter and sadly I don’t want excuses I want “shipped immediately” or appropriate compensation for their shortcomings. I’m sure if I ordered a product put $20 down and said I’m gonna give $200 soon Wyze would send me the item and wait patiently for me to pay the rest lol not.

They could have handled this so much better and sadly this is not the first time I’m having to deal
With Wyze not handling stuff correctly. Their products are great their business/ shipping follow through not so much lol. Ordered through web site


What just happened i ordered in the first batch and now I get this

unacceptable this is the 2 time ordered from Waze and then long later do this

:sob: It sold out as soon as I noticed there was a new item - and I’ve been checking every day on the app since (weeks now) for restock. If the “remind me when back in stock” feature can be fixed, that’d be awesome.

I just received a tracking number and both items in my order show as being included. Should be here soon if there are no shipping hiccups.

As I’ve said, I’ve been a loyal Wyze customer and enjoy their products. I wish the communication regarding this situation had been better but it did ship within the timeframe where I felt I would have to get proactive. So I am, if not entirely pleased, at least content. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @carverofchoice for your insight and for the others who let us know we weren’t the only ones experiencing these issues.

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I think a lot of people confuse loyalty with business. Maybe back in the 1950s it mattered if you bought a lot of stuff from the product or the company but not today. I’ve received so far an email saying my item has been canceled and refunded but I have not received any type of email communication from WYZE saying we’re sorry writing was canceled and stuff like that. Now when I reached out to customer service and they passed me around a few different departments absolutely then after me reaching out they were like oh we’re so sorry this happened but I should not have to initiate it. Sadly for me this is the second time it’s happened in the same response I got both times.

Sadly they make very good products I love the headphones and I love the watch. But their execution of selling products leave something to be desired.

I’m glad you were able to get your air purifier and now I just have to wait to maybe get one in the future