Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Since person detection is being done with artificial intelligence of the camera image, and the PIR sensor doesn’t have a camera, I doubt this request will ever be fulfilled.

Please update the IFTTT to be able to separate people detection from general motion detection.

I have the cameras motion detection linked with my home security system, and sometimes the alarm start because it detected some big mosquito or shadows, now when the cameras can differentiate between general motion and person detection I would like to be able to create a IF trigger only when person is detected by the camera and ignore rest of motion.

So only when a person will be detected the home alarm will start.


Triggering shortcuts is a big missing part for automating notifications. I have 30+ cameras and sensors that I have grouped based on what I want to notify me when I am gone or never or all the time. Pressing my shortcut when I leave or get home is really good but I could have it do it automatically based on location if they would add the shortcuts to ifttt. Without it I would have to set up 60 actions in ifttt. That is just not feasible.

I would really prefer that they implemented location based actions in the Wyze app itself but that is a tall order given the details of tracking multiple people and maintaining a state of who is home or not. If the ifttt action exists I can track that stuff myself and trigger ifttt when I want.

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IFTTT triggering of Wyze Shortcuts has been split out to its own #wishlist topic: IFTTT Action to Trigger Wyze Shortcut

Be sure to hop over and vote for that one.

In thinking about the motion and magnet sensors, I think that the API designers at Wyze will really need to think through the API around them. In the video on sensors, Wyze shows people using for all sorts of things – like cookie jar lids. This sort of creates a whole mixed metaphor around the devices. Is it a camera with sensors or is it a general sensor system. Some may use it like a burglar alarm, others for watching their pets. And then if they get into outdoor sensors, that’s like another world.

Right now, you need to create specific IFTTT actions for each sensor message or you can say “any sensor.” Being able to act on “any sensor in a group” would be a huge step toward managing the sensors. You might say “if any door sensor goes off then send a notification” and in the same system say “if my cookie sensor goes off, add it to my cookie counter register in google docs.”

I hope they do a good job figuring this out.

I would like to be able to set a bulb timer when the bulb is powered on. This would fix the light for my walk-in closet for most cases.

That’s an interesting idea. My other smart bulbs simply don’t respond when the switch is turned off. It would be cool if, when the bulb switched on, it would tell the controller and make an event that further logic could act on.

A downside to your closet idea would be that you might need to turn your switch off then on again to get the bulb to come back on.

Perhaps a simpler way to solve your problem would be to install a switch on your closet door or a motion sensor inside your closet. Then the logic could be more like “if door opens or motion sensor detects motion, turn on light.” Then “when door closes or motion sensor hasn’t detected motion for 1 minute, turn off light.”

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I understand that occasionally you’ll have it turn off on you, but that would happen so rarely that it would be worth the reliability. I have considered the contact switch or motion sensor, but those have lag and are far from the sensor base station and won’t be reliable. It would be the most simple with just the one device (bulb) and nothing else.

I live in the country so I do not use motion detection. I have a magnetic driveway sensor and it sends IFTTT to Record a short video clip. I also have it pushing me a notification but I would rather have the Wyze push the notification with the video clip, but you can’t send a notification for a scene.

add a modified action…

  • Record a short video clip and send notification.

Or, include Scene Notification in the Notifications settings.

THANK YOU for requesting “Turn on/off sound recording” - - We would also like to have Sound OFF in the ACTION options when setting up the Wyze App Shortcuts. That way we don’t have to go into the camera’s settings each time we are home or away.

Also, we would deeply appreciate if you could you send us the best link for IFTTT + Wyze how-to instructions.

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VOTE: Add More Actions for Wyze App Shortcuts/Tasks

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For privacy, I always want sound detection turned off when anyone is home. But when nobody is home, I would like to be able to detect loud noises like a smoke alarm going off, glass breaking or a door being kicked in. The ability to automate switching the sound detection setting via IFTTT actions triggered by location would be a welcome addition :smiley:


This may be a little complex, but I’d love to be able to create and delete a shortcut via ifttt. Specifically, I’m trying to use apilio to have an “away” and “home” mode, so that when i’m away and the door is opened, the lights come on, but when I’m home and it’s opened they don’t. I have it working, but it’s pretty slow relative to the native shortcuts due to the extra few web requests that have to be made. So it’d be cool to have a trigger that creates a shortcut when I set the mode to “away” that turns the lights on when the door is opened. Ideally there would be some kind of way to uniquely identify the shortcut so I can also set a trigger to delete it when the mode is set to “home” again.

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I would like to see “Run Shortcut” as an available action.


There’s actually a stand-alone topic for that because it would accomplish so many of the other requests of this thread. You can find it here:

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I would like to be able to use the new Person Detection as a trigger for IFTTT, not the current Motion Detection.

Is this in the current plans?

Thanks for a great product!


I would like to add to the potential triggers if I can:

Trigger: When a specific face is detected, or unknown face detected


Since Wyze doesn’t do facial recognition, there’s really no point in adding it to the IFTTT feature list yet. However, you can vote for Wyze to implement facial recognition here:

If devices are in a group, can IFTTT activate an entire group?

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Not at this time.