2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Information

There is a way to “opt out” only after you have already set up 2FA – there is no option if you can’t or simply don’t want 2FA.

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The attorneys are driving this.

Has anyone done the 2FA with Android app version 2.22.21?
I’ve got 2 10inch android displays that run that version and no later.

I am a professional tech installer and I work with almost all of the different products. And most push 2FA. The problem is the the user base has trouble managing 1FA.
One week I spent 8-9 hours just figuring out folks passwords and resetting them.
I don’t know what the answer is but IMO 2FA just making people crazier.

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No that is not how I opt out. It was a true opt out of 2FA

Please tell us where in the app or online you found this option so we can direct people there.

I had to opt in before the option to opt out came up.

And what lead you to believe this 2FA opt in and opt out method would relieve you of the announced Wyze future forced 2FA?

Not saying it will not permanently opt you out, but that same opt out option appeared only after I opted in, and that was before this all blew up in Wyze’s face… implying that option has always been there and that it would not necessarily “save us” from Wyze’s future 2FA hatchet.

Would be really helpful if Wyze would step up with some clarity on this particular question.

Oh, I see the confusion, that isn’t to “opt-out” of 2FA indefinitely as Wyze is going to eventually implement…that “Turn off” button is just for those who already have 2FA turned on to temporarily turn off 2FA just for now until the new policy takes effect…doing that won’t remove anyone from being forced back into 2FA in a few weeks, it will just allow someone to stop using it for just a few weeks until the new policy takes effect.

Assuming Wyze keeps that option, it may be that Wyze will simply force every account to turn on 2FA on in a few weeks, then allow anyone to select that “Turn off” button to turn it back off again. That is a possibility. But selecting that now isn’t going to prevent someone from having 2FA reactivated again in a few weeks.

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If you found this highly elusive true opt out that doesn’t require opting in first, perhaps you’d care to tell the rest of the world where this mythical option is located?

So, interesting thing I just discovered about 2FA with Google Authenticator at least…probably most of them though…so you know how it has that 30-second limit before the code disappears from view? That’s always annoyed me, because if I open the app and the code is already more than halfway to disappearing, I would just wait for the new code instead so I wasn’t accidentally entering an expired code, and the delay waiting for the new code was annoying.

Well, apparently, the time-based codes don’t actually expire every 30 seconds as is sort of implied by the Authenticator apps. They can’t do this because not all systems are synchronized to the exact second and there may be a time differential of a few minutes between the server and the client device. To account for this, each code is actually valid for 5 MINUTES, so it doesn’t matter if there is only 2 seconds left, I can still press to copy the code and even if it refreshes to a new code, it’s ok, because the one that I just copied is still valid for 4.5 more minutes. That’s AWESOME! I was so annoyed with thinking Authenticator codes were only good during that 30-second window.

Email and SMS 2FA code expiration varies depending on the company’s setting. I don’t know what it is for Wyze, but it’s not unusual for SMS codes to remain valid for 10 minutes, or even 20 or more depending on the company’s setup.

Good to know! I am SO happy to know I can copy the code without waiting 5-15 seconds for the new code first! I’m sure some of you knew that…but I didn’t and thought I’d share for anyone else who it will save time and frustration for as well. :+1: So much more convenient from how I’ve been using Authenticator apps for YEARS now misunderstanding that basic principle. :rofl:


I had to opt in first, then the opt out option was there.

New info for me! Thanks!

I just try to copy it before the time runs out and paste it in. Never had one run out of time yet

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I have a cat that insists I watch him, in person. Looking at the cam I think is better. And then he yowls unless I clean the litter box within 5 seconds of him finishing.

Thank you. I was having issues with this after IOS 16 release yesterday and trying out the passkey. And as usual I got no answer from Wyze on how they would address that. But I only use these cams to watch the cats eat so yea, if someone cares to see a bunch of cats eat, go for it

Ok so it’s easy to opt out of the 2FA I see. At least until I figure out the IOS 16 passkey feature which seems to over ride.

Not working today. So not ordering items. Gave up. Three time text codes and they all failed. Saying code not right. Guess one way for me to save and not spend money

Highly disappointed with Wyze today… I’ve been an early adopter and I’ve purchased over 10 products from Wyze over the years. While I continue to love the products, I can’t express how much I HATE your 2FA process.

I had to get a new phone and number last week, and I can no longer access my account due to 2FA. I contacted support 3 times and basically got the message I’m S.O.L. in terms of keeping everything that I have had setup over the years. Pretty freakin’ frustrating!!

I had to create a brand new account, setup every device again, and re-purchase Cam +. At least Wyze gave me a refund for my original account…

But seriously, you need a secondary way to be able to help someone when they cannot access 2FA.

Another company who uses 2FA (an email service provider) was able to go into my account and turn of 2FA after verifying me with a code they sent to my email (a detail which Wyze also has). Then, I was able to login and change my phone number. Please consider adding a feature like this Wyze.

Sincerely, as of today, I cannot recommend Wyze to my friends, knowing the BS I just had to go through over a simple phone number change. Very sad.

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This is helpful feedback for Wyze. though it won’t help your current situation, I do know that Wyze is adding a way to be able to send a 2FA code to the email address registered with the account.

Also, when I set up 2FA recently Wyze also gave me a non-expiring one-time code that I could save somewhere in case there is ever a problem losing access to the normal 2FA system. That code would allow me in so I could change and fix things if ever needed.

So there should be 2 fail-safe options with 2FA now…the one-time never expiring code that will work, and soon the option to do it through the email address associated with the account.