Zone problem amd cannot find SD card problem

Hi guys. V2 - Since the last beta firmware I get a notification for motion, check the clip - nothing. Then I will receive a person notfication, Either no person there half the time, or a person walks by way outside the detection area, even three or four blocks away (the adjustable sensor blocks.) When I go to detection settings it changes back to 50% in spite of changing to 30%. The second item is when I go to events, it now says sd card not found, but when I select “view playback” it sees video off the SD card with no problem.

What do you consider the “last beta firmware”?

224 is what I am updated to - says I am up to date

my v2’s are showing available.

Tried refreshing the app, and checking firmware, still tells me 224 is the latest. Weird

How about that? Just got a notification to upgrade firmware, haha. Did you have any better detection, operation on this new firmware?