Z wave integration

I have many Zwave switches etc… Loving the Wyze cams but would love to be able to control all my products on one platform.:grinning:

Integrate with Vera Plus app

Every Zwave hub you can buy is overpriced. It would be nice to have an affordable non complicated zwave control device.

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If you have a Logitech remote with a hub you can get the Z Wave in Zigbee home extender off of eBay for around $50. It is super easy to use. But like I said you would need a Logitech remote with a hub to be able to utilize it. Just giving you an option

IoT is a mess. I have too many protocols and sensors of every different types. I’m beginning to trust Wyze more and more and wouldn’t mind to be it to be central.

I’m currently using Vera for most of my IoT with mediorcre sense of confidence and satisfaction.

This market place is ripe for someone to lead. Currently its only Samsung with Smart things and handfull of open src.

Wyze has public support not really seen in recent times for any Home Devices.

Ping me if you need a Road map view of what Wyze could be in next coming year. I can help :slight_smile:

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