Youtube Video: The Future of Wyze is Coming (Part 2!)

Updated the app to V2.24.52 and the Legacy Person Detection option is back.

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Anyone with programming/dev/project management experience able to say if implementing…

  • Landscape mode
  • Dark mode

…app-wide is a bigger ask than it might seem?

Those two may be the most glaring omissions in the app a new customer will notice.


Yes I can also see the writing on the wall when it comes to Subscription Services and otherwise keeping Wyze in business with regular updates and revenue, but this doesn’t mean that “Web interface to video feed & RTSP/Onvia” won’t happen also for hackers like us who want or need these options.

I suspect on average 80% of the world aren’t hackers and wanting to order a “Hashbrown with their Egg McMuffin.” Most people want convenience and ease and simplicity that I see Wyze covering clearly over the last year and half.

Personally, I’m a hacker and either Wyze provides those of us RTSP/ONVIF or I’ll need to move to another platform that will allow these options. I have too much time and money invested in Smartthings automation, Synology NAS storage/serving, and otherwise to just drop and move on to Wyze for everything. Actually, Wyze doesn’t provide everything that I need, but I’m still looking forward to future options and innovations they may provide.

Keep up the great work!!!