Xbox Integration

Hello, I would like it if you could please do integration for Fire TV/Xbox. I would like to have the ability to view my cams from those devices because I have a came in my babies room. This would be easier to keep track of him.

We are integrated with Fire TV through Alexa though we’re not integrated with Xbox. Thanks for the request!


I’ve downloaded the skill with Alexa, but I see that it is not yet compatible with the Firestick. It is supposed to be coming soon. Any idea when? And what will I be able to do, tell Alexa to show me the front door camera and it will show up on my tv?

What generation of Fire Stick do you have? The Wyze skill is only compatible with Fire Stick Gen 2+.

I have the Fire TV Stick with 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote. i bought back in 2016. I do not wanna have to buy a new one…Thanks!

Well, dang. Sorry I don’t have an answer for that issue!


Is there any plans for a native Amazon Fire app?


If there is a thread for this I apologize a quick look did not show one. Like the Apple TV app request and I am sure there will be one for Roku as well.


Integrating with the XBOX would be huge. With 59 million active Xbox users ( being able to watch Netflx, Listen to Pandora, Play a DVD-BD, or play hours of video gaming WHILE having a snap in of a Wyze Security Camera… say watching for Mom/Wife to come home, or watching for the pizza man. I can see expanding the Wyze audience to 59 million people would be valuable.

BTW - there are currently more Xbox users in the USA than there are users of Smart Home speakers.

Accomplishing an XBOX app would have the added bonus of it would also load on any Windows 10 device as well & vs vrsa.


I agree. I am one of those users wanting this so that I can keep an eye on my kid wile in bed at night with our having my tablet or phone out. To mainly use it as a CCTV monitor.

I went to the Fire TV apps, downloaded tiny camera app, from Amazon cost like five bucks works well with Wyze cameras .

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Granted I know you can view the cameras just by asking Alexa but I wish there was a dedicated app to click on for Firetv.
That and I don’t trust using a third party app to stream the cameras through.



XBOX notifications would be amazing! Gaming is getting huge, and when you are gaming, it is quite difficult to split your attention. If you got a notification on your screen while playing problem solved. plus microsoft is like right here in the same area… *cough *cough


I have an Amazon fire TV that I got in 2015 And I am able to view my cameras on it. It’s not even the fire TV stick it’s the little box. It’s fairly thin and square.

How do you view your cameras on the fire stick?

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If you use Tiny Camera App on your Fire TV, does it require you to unsync from the wyze android app or can it be “connected” to both the wyze app and tiny app?

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They’re IP cams. You can stream to as many clients as your wifi will handel. So except for the load on your router/Access point, one app doesn’t care about the other, and the cam isn’t tied to anything. So no, because there is no sync. Changes to settings you make to the cam with the app, are internal to the cam.


fire stick I use Alexa and skill and tell her. Amazon show Patio 3.
It show up on tv screen

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sign in a amazon and search for wyze skills. Or if have Kindle go in to Alexa and look for skills. Skills is the handshack from wyze to alexa. Make the name short. I use patio 1 or driveway 1.

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I simply told Alexa to display “Cam Name”. Never had to go in and setup anything.

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