Wyzesense needs a daily reboot?

Sorry to hear about this, everyone! For those that haven’t yet, could you please contact our support team? We’d love to look into this.

Submit a request – Wyze

I have, and sent over diagnostics, but then they went silent and haven’t communicated back with me since 4/29 despite multiple emails requesting an update.

May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into this on Monday when back in the office?


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Thank you! I’ll go snag your ticket now so it pops up when I check on things on Monday. :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue with my Sense and Wyze Cam v2 setup, I was next to the cam once when it happened and heard it click, as in rebooting. So I figured it must be the same problem I read about from other people talking about power issues. I have two v2 cams, one black, one white. The black one is mounted outside and uses a longer USB cable, so I decided to us the black cable on the white cam, and that solved the issue oddly enough. To be honest, I think Wyze pushed the power supply limits with the Sense bridge. One either needs a better USB cable or a more powerful power supply. My Sense still occasionally goes offline, and I think it happens when several things happen, as in the cam switching from day to night vision, and possibly me viewing a video on the SD card. It must use more power than the camera can get and the bridge somehow crashes. Just my guess of course…

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Looks like a power issue. I had the same problem. Had to reboot once sometimes twice a day. The camera is on a 3.1 A power supply. (or so it says). The problem seemed I was using a 20 ft cable so I took an extension cord to get the same power supply closer and used the short cable that comes with the camera and it has been 48 hr so far, no reboot necessary.

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Do you have an IFTTT recipe you can share to “reboot” the device? Thanks in advance.

Did anyone ever get back to you on this issue? My camera and bridge are doing the same thing. Nice to hear what they had to say on the issue.