Wyzecams work with Starlink?

Thinking of switching to Starlink. Do Wyzecams & outlets work on Starlink? I have Cams V2 & V3

Yes, several people have confirmed using their Wyze Cams and other Wyze devices on Starlink without issue.


We are having one issue we’re Wyze cameras disconnect randomly from Starlink.

Logs for the developers, please. Is Starklink even completely up?

WYSE out-of-the-box does NOT work with Starlink because Starlink does not accommodate the WYZE ethernet cable. Any ideas regarding a workaround?

I bought the Starlink Ethernet plug in adapter. Then using the Starlink phone app, I put I put the Starlink WiFi in bypass mode so all traffic runs through the Ethernet. Then I plugged the Ethernet cable into my existing WiFi WAN port.