WyzeCam website for viewing videos


To further augment RickO’s reply - if you are like a lot of schools and have Macs for the desktops devices, there are also instructions for setting up an Android emulator on the Mac to run TinyCam Pro.

You can do a search on my username “Jet” to find the Mac related implementation.


I too vote for web access to the cameras!


Hey everyone,

just purchased two new WyzeCams and I am new the the Wyze Family.

I see there has been some discussion to get a web based app to view your cams online.

Just wondering if there is any update for this or still in the works!


thank you :smiley:


It was never in the works and as far as I know, there are still no plans by Wyze to implement a web app.



that is quite unfortunate…



I use Bluestacks on Windows 10, and download the Wyze app. Then you can watch your Wyze Cams on PC just like it’s on your phone. You can listen and control movement. Bluestacks is a free download.


The problem I have with the emulators like bluestacks is the amount of cpu it takes. In the end I put an Amazon Show (Tablet with dock version) on the desk and have the wyze skill on it. I just tell it to show me a camera I want to see. Not perfect, but it works.


Will, that’s better advice than my own! I’ll try that out.


I don’t know how I feel about a web site to view my cameras. But if they would develop an app for windows 10 (tile) that would be awesome. the Microsoft Store for windows 10 has a ton of everyday apps, why not a Wyze app.


The fact is that if Tiny Cam Pro can access and view WyzeCams and there can be an Alexa app then certainly there should be the ability for other apps to access wyzecams. Wyze needs to pubish API access information or something. If they don’t want to make / maintain a web site… Or make a windows 10 app then they should embrace 3rd party developers.


It is pathetic that this ability for isn’t available. I have 2 cams now from them and 4 from Ring, and 4 Foscam cameras. I would replace all of my foscam with Wyze if there was website, or it was open to 3rd party app people. Until then I won’t buy anymore Wyze cams.


When I purchased my WYZE cam, one of my first comments / thoughts, was to have an weblink to view it. AND it would be nice. But, now several months later, I’m back to be in favor of only an app to access. Reason: It gives WYZE as a company, more control over who can view YOUR camera. If it’s a webpage or link, they lose some of this control. It’s not hard to hack into a webpage to view cam’s, and frankly, I’m not too sure if I want anyone to see me in my undies.

So I am now in favor, of an app connection only. This also gives the cam owner more security & control of who see’s what. Once it’s a weblink, it’s out there in the wild.

My penny and a half.


Good grief… It is so common today to demand everything even when its unreasonable… You spent a whopping $20 on an IP camera and insist on an additional service that costs money to go with it? If the service were built, it would cost money which you would have to pay for, and again there would be a swell of complaints it isn’t free…

Flash your Wyzecams with OpenIP and use your third party service to view them. You wont like the performance of RTSP on the little $20 cameras… I guess that will be another round of complaining…

These things are remarkable for what they cost… I have two serious IP cams and several wyze cams to tinker around with… I never ever expected the wyze cams to be as capable as my $160 ones. I don’t run windows, so naturally I dont want a windows app… I simply run TinyCam in anbox in Linux to view all of them at the same time. It works beautifully.

You have to be more realistic.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t need a website. I don’t need a new app.

All I need is the combination of settings already figured out by the TinyCam folks and maybe others. If they can do it, plenty of other apps can surely do it also.

I’d be happy if Wyze chose to make an app for us, but there’s no need for them to reinvent that wheel. There are plenty of very good camera-viewing apps already out there. But all the ones I’ve tried can’t seem to find and connect to my Wyze camera. TinyCam can.


Just an update on the status of RTSP… Wyze is definitely leaning toward it and investigating how to implement it. However, they don’t have any ETAs nor are they making solid promises this early since timelines and directions may change.

See this:




Let me say it again also… Boot up OpenIP, and start using RTSP, and any viewer you wish.



Do you have to buy the app for each device or can i share it across a couple?


If you buy it on Google Play it is eligible for the family library so you can share the app with family members.


+1 for web browser


I completely agree Emily.
Mac software has my top vote.
As well as multiple camera view on a large monitor.
These are the 2 features I want and require most.





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