WyzeCam website for viewing videos


In NOX open the multi-instance manager and, at the bottom, ADD EMULATOR. Choose 5.1.

Once added, a new line will appear in the config box with buttons at the right. Click the button with the curved arrow, which creates a shortcut on the desktop.

Exit NOX. Now use the new icon to launch the 5.1x version.

When updating NOX software, it will prompt to “start.” Kill that prompt and use the 5.1x shortcut instead, or it will launch the 4.x version.


I installed Knox ,But when I go to The wyze app it says , Your device isn’t compatible What this version


From a marketing standpoint, Wyze would be “wyze” to do this. Users would be far more likely to share things seen on their Wyze cams if they could view and edit them full-screen. What builds a customer base? Word-of-mouth and sharing Wyze pics/video to tout all of its great features.


I agree 100 percent. Especially, when your place of employment does not allow cell phones or wifi access. Would be great to be able to login. A computer based app to check on kids, deliveries and notifications set up.


Hey HDrock,

Actually no I haven’t even tried it as it is so limited on the pc.

I have been using TinyCam Pro as it has much more flexibility.
Rgr on Fing, I used to use it a lot when I was more active in servicing customers.
I’m now taking a serious look at their FingBox which seems to have many desirable features.

Many thanks



I have the Fing app and the Fingbox and love it.



Just an FYI, enabling RTSP on the WyzeCam will fix this issue.


fix what issue, and how does one enable RTSP, or are you talking about the Wyze team adding that as a feature?


Here is why RTSP could be useful to you.


Please do a version that we can access the camera via PC! It doesn’t have to be a desktop app. A website or anything like that would do too! When I’m at work it’s so much easier to view it on desktop. I would leave it on the whole time actually…


Adding my vote to seeing browser-based access to view camera images. Both the notification snippets and a live stream would be ideal, but if I had to choose, I’d settle for seeing the notification snippets. Also, I’d be willing to pay a modest annual fee, especially if it included snippets (2 weeks worth) plus live stream.




YES! YES! PLEASE do a web-based version! At least for setup functions. I can’t even set up my WyzeCam without a mobile app. Need desktop application. Website-based viewing would be helpful also.


Rock the vote!


For Mac and Windows users wanting to use TinyCam (free) or PRO.

I found a couple of posts on the Wyze Cam Core Users FB page that gave me enough information and checklist steps to get things up and running on an iMac 5K 27" Retina display for all my Wyze cameras (5 total; 1v1, 2v2, and 2 Pan) using High Sierra 10.13.6.

Step 1: For either OS, go to the Nox.Com website and download the NOX android emulator for your OS and install. The Nox website gives you the instructions for downloading and installation for each OS; I use the Mac OS.

Step 2: Using the Nox app after installation download the TinyCam of your choice. If you choose TinyCam Pro, Google will take you through the steps to pay for it; $3.99. I recommend the TinyCam Pro.

Step 3: Using the attached checklist “Install” all your Wyze cameras. I did one only at first to see how it worked and then went back to TinyCam Settings and followed the attached checklist and “Installed” the rest.

Everything was straight forward and I had no issues getting things up and running. I now have all five cameras on one screen.

Ej Moomey is the one who posted the TinyCam With Wyze Cam instruction that I have attached. If you have a Mac and have some problems contact me here or at jet@heloworks.com and we can work them out.


TinyCam-with-Wyze.pdf (871 KB)


This is the thread That I got those instructions from, Chris is the one that put the Instructions together


I just passed along the info



One correction… the nox.com site is a dead site. The correct site to download Nox emulator is https://www.bignox.com


“One correction… the nox.com site is a dead site. The correct site to download Nox emulator is https://www.bignox.com

You are absolutely correct - my bad in hurrying.

Thanks for the pickup.


Forget the app. Especially if it would only be for windows. We want a web viewer. It can get the ip of your cams via your current web service, and launch a viewer to stream from that ip to your web view. This is exactly what Plex and many other services do.


I am a high school technology teacher and I have 2 wyze came streaming from my two 3D printer ters. Currently I share the feedback to an individual student when their project is printing. I would love to live stream these camera feeds. Also the science department wants to stream our bee hives which these came would be perfect but we need to be able to stream to a website.


Presently, the only way to accomplish this would be to run the TinyCam Pro app on a dedicated Android device. If you search this forum, there are detailed instructions on how to set that up.