WyzeCam website for viewing videos


or Wyze could just work with a company like Blueiris to make the cams compatible and maybe get some extra funding from blueiris for making them the only pc based compatible service


I recently installed BlueStacks 3 on my home laptop and installed the Wyze app in it. It works. I can view my cameras just like I can on my phone but darn near full screen. Takes a lot of resources to do that. It wouldn’t take much for Wyze to make a windows 10 app to show the cams. Ring did it. Somehow Tinycam found a way to work with Wyze cams. Should be doable for someone to write an app to do it.


Hi Will Stillwell,

Can confirm–works great so far although I haven’t figured out how to pinch the timeline yet (but don’t really need to since I have mouse control) or zoom the video. My phone is an older Samsung and there was a lot of pixelation on the streaming if there was any motion. The video looks much better and it’s full screen now (If you select Full Screen in BlueStacks 3 it displays the WyzeCam screen in full screen.)

Took all of 5-10 minutes to download, install, setup BlueStack 3 and then install and get Wyze to work.


Edit: While watching video I’ve gotten “Refresh List Failed” twice now and I lose the video and the device list. It’s not frequent. I think this is within the Wyze App and not the BlueStacks 3 Android Emulator but I could be wrong. (Changing timing is a good way to find bugs). For my use which is quick checks of the cameras and notifications this is not a major problem.

Edit: I have also tried MMUPlay, another Android emulator. Works comparably but doesn’t have ads (which I have yet to see in BlueStacks 3). Seems to use less resources (CPU, memory) but that may be dependent on settings.


Just for kicks, I installed Tinycam Pro in Bluestacks 3. I now have all 6 of my cameras (4 foscam 2 Wyze) in one place. I can show both wyze cams at the same time.


How is it stored in the cloud for free? if it is we should be able to access that. I can only see what my camera stores locally on the memory card.


not sure what the point is of having this forum topic unless Admin can keep us updated on any progress or plans … It’s been since February 16 since one came in and commented


Like most I would love to see a dedicated WyzeCam monitoring program for desktops and laptops.

I have tried several emulators with less than stellar results and certainly not reliable. I wonder if this
has been brought up in the Sourceforge VLC forums?. That group has done some awesome things.

Honestly I thought there would be something available by now.

Many thanks



I have tried several emulators with less than stellar results and certainly not reliable.
Good results here with the free NOX emulator, up.graded from the default Android 4.x to 5.1 via its multi-interface UI, running in MOBILE, not tablet mode

The TinyCam Pro app (costs a few bucks) enables simultaneous viewing of up to multiple screens, and can be auto-started with the use of a free app. Works well.


Please make one available for Macs as well.


I have Tinycam, and it’s a great app. I understand that Tinycam will view the Wyze cams without issues. BUT… Can i SET UP my Wyze cams using Tinycam access? OR must i have the Wyze android app to do the initial setup?


No, you will need to use the Wyze app to first setup the cameras. Once they are setup you can use the Tinycam app for viewing. However there are more features for the cameras in the actual Wyze App. Tinycam is essentially just for viewing your cameras real time.

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Thanks, Will. Since i don’t have a IOS or Android mobile phone, is there a way that i can set up the Wyze cam initially, so that i can use my TinyCam app for viewing? OR is there a way to run the Wyze app on my Windows desktop just for the setup?


Sorry to say I am pretty sure there is no way to setup a Wyze cam without the Wyze Android or iPhone. Actually wait there is something you can do. Install the Bluestacks Android emulator on Windows. Install the Wyze app from the play store. Run the Wyze app on the emulator. (Or any android emulator).


This should allow you to set it up.


I was wondering why the Wyze camera isn’t recognized by the device manager or by my other cam applications. I use Yawcam http://www.yawcam.com/ to take motion detectiion photos and timelapse which can be saved directly to the computer, but the program doesn’s recognize the Wyze Cam Pan.

Great camera but the software doesn’t offer desktop use and is behind many available. Simply allowing it to be recognized by other apps would be an big improvement. I use a Logitech c920 too and their software is good offering a few more options which should be included with Wyze.


still no pc support for viewing my wyze cam :frowning:


Well while we wait, I like others am still looking for alternatives.

In doing some searching I discovered “XePlayer” free android emulator with high recommendations from the crew at XDA which is billed as “The largest Android forums in the world, XDA”, which I have used for many years. If you would like developers opinion on something this is the place to go.

It installed very easily and seems to be much more snappy than others I have tried.

Before I forget, I’m not sure how I would manage any of my network devices without the free app “Fing” which is so informative about whatever network your cell is connected to.

Hopefully some will find this info useful.

Many thanks



How were you able to install Wyze? I go to the play store sign in, search for wyze and it tells me not compatible. I then look in the phone settings and see it is Android 4.4.2 I changed the phone model to that of my S8 and restarted android. says it is my phone but is still Android 4.4.2 How do you get a newer version of Android on it?


If the phone vendor doesn’t provide an update, you can usually root it and load a newer version of Android.


So, billydsl, You are currently running the Wyze app With XePlayer on your pc ?

The Fing app looks pretty cool


I couldn’t get XePlayer to get a higher Android version, so I went and downloaded NOX. It has some newer Android roms available. Just trying to figure out how to make it start the device with the newer rom by default but it works. Appears to be faster and better than BlueStacks. So yeah using Wyze on nox on my pc. XePlayer is just an old version of NOX.