WyzeCam website for viewing videos


Would be a much welcomed addition


Windows PC viewing is available via an Android emulator.

NOX is a good FREE choice. Use its multi-instance manager to upgrade it to Android 5.1. Configure a shortcut. (Some WYZE apps don’t support Android 4.x.) MEmu, which runs Android 5.x, also does the job.

Once installed, access the Google Play Store link. Search for and install WYZEcam, enter your ID and PW.

Most everything that can be viewed with a phone/tablet will be available, but there are some exceptions, such as the time lapse feature.

Be aware that WYZE development is centered on mobile devices, not emulators.


I would like to see a local Web UI interface, which combined with port forwarding can make live viewing via browser easy. I wouldn’t mind a cloud based browser but that would be a higher drain on resources for the company. Right now the focus should still be on making the camera accessible via non-Wyze Apps for use in multicam installations and such.


Any live streaming would need to be a separate application. Adding even a light HTTP server to run directly on a camera would be less than ideal even if it was possible. Switching to other cameras would require an awkward switch between browser tabs to get the feed from each camera etc. A live stream using a cloud-based server would require at the very least a monthly subscription. As it is today, TinyCam Monitor pro app for Android does work to live stream Wyze cameras and can provide an HTTP server to allow a browser-based view to local and potentially remote locations. Since it can be done, it is likely that some other app / configuration can be devised that could be added to a local computer, Raspberry Pi etc. At the simplest, one can today install TinyCam Monitor Pro on an Android device and provide that viewing experience.


I installed the Wyze app on my Chromebook and it works to some extent. The video doesn’t play correctly and the aspect ratio is fixed, it also crashed when I try to do playback from the SD card.
Haven’t tried since they released Hardware Decoding… will see if that makes it any better. I will start monkeying with settings to see if it will work properly but so far this method is the closest I’ve been able to come to being able to use an actual computer.


On my Chromebook, it works if I don’t resize the app or rather resize it beyond a certain point. Some updates seem to work better than others. Once or twice it has worked full screen, but most often it just crashes. Once I have resized it beyond that magic size, or tried full screen, the only thing I have found is to clear all data and log in again.

TinyCam Monitor works really well on my Chromebook.


I sideloaded the Android app to my Amazon FireTV stick R2.

It displays the normally portrait oriented app pretty squished to the HS TV screen - BUT when you go full screen on the live or recorded picture is in the normal HD aspect ratio.

In order to navigate you have to pair a bluetooth mouse to the fire tv stuck, and the mouse movements are rather jerky so it takes some patience.

So this is more of a proof of concept than a real solution :wink:

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EDIT: I sideloaded the TinyCam to the Fire TV and it works great! More here https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/how-to-setup-tinycam-with-wyze-cam/#post-133886


The camera is a great product, I would LOVE to be able to use it with iSpy and maybe even a Roku app?


The camera is not IP Server Enable. Don’t will give that access for now.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - using screen mirroring to stream to my Chromecast. Works great.

Not using “CAST” but using the Samsung Mirror ICON.

The phone also shows in notifications “Casting screen” “Connected to NameofChromeCastDevice.”

When I click it I see “SmartView” and it lets me chose which Chromecast device to send the video to.



As a matter of fact when purchasing WyzeCam I was looking to see if I could monitor the videos on a laptop and although I can’t do it with my MacBook Air, I can with iPad Pro.


HI all,

Just got my camera last night so haven’t got a chance to play with it much. Anyways, I use BlueStacks to install phone apps on my PC. So that may help with what you guys are looking for. I’ll post the link or if you are like me and don’t trust links. You can do a google search . Hope this helps some of you.

Edit: So i installed it on Windows 10 and BlueStacks didn’t find the Wyze app. But the good news is that i installed NOX and that one found it just fine. I tryed it and i am able to see my camera from my PC. Dont have a direct link but here is a link to a page that does have it. Or just google NOX emulator





I don’t care what they do. I love the price and functionality.

A website would be dope. But 20 dollars is way more crack. The more you can do. The more the expenses the overall for maintenance and up keep ect.


Will it ever be available??? I would like to view them from my office instead of always having to pull up the app and one camera at a time. It would be great to see all of them live at the same time from a computer……Please. This would be amazing. I love your product and recommend it all the time.


BlueStacks works great for me.

I downloaded, installed and had it up and viewing my cameras in about 10 min. Works great!


C’mon. You guys are way overdue with a browser viewer!




Yes! To Pc web browser view.


The camera desperately needs a built-in web server for viewing live/recorded video.