WyzeCam website for viewing videos


I see others in my office with their camera feeds on their desktop while they are working and I’m jealous! I want to see my dog Bentley running around the house while I am at work! Would love a desktop way of viewing my feeds.


Am I the only one who thinks a Roku app would be handy? When I settle in to the couch at night, I can review the days events on a LARGE screen. There should be an option to view the live stream or to delete unwanted or useless/repetitive events such as the neighborhood cat walking by or my kids walking around. If there is something significant that I need to save I can pull it up on my phone or PC. I imagine some people might use these as a baby monitor and I know people use these for outdoor cams around their property and the ability to easily pull up the live footage easily on the big screen would be especially useful.


There are some low cost Chromebooks that are able to run android apps…


On iPhones & iPads you could always Airplay to an AppleTV.


This caused VLC to crash. I wasn’t sure what to enter as “admin” since there is nothing obviously comparable in the Wyze app. I used the name I have applied to the camera. There are a lot of VLC settings related to opening a stream over a network, so I can’t say this is a dead end - just that it failed at first attempt.

I have also tried the app OpenEye but have never succeeded in getting connected to my WyzeCam. As with VLC, it’s not obvious what all the various settings should be.


A Roku app would be great!



There are many apps already available for viewing webcams. If Wyze wants to build their own, that’s fine, but in the meanwhile I’d love to know if any existing apps might be used and what settings we would need to try.

In order to use any of those apps, we would need advice from Wyze about how to connect to the camera or a server, what ports to use, stream settings, all of that crap that’s tough to decipher unless you’re really into webcams. If it’s flat out not possible unless/until a Wyze-authored app comes along, I’d like to know that too so I can quit trying things.





TinyCam Monitor is an Android App that can connect to the Wyze cameras. They are directly supported by the app. I use the app on our Amazon Fire TV devices, and get great full-screen videos.


So it can be done! Maybe one of the many macOS or iOS apps ought to be able to do it also if we can just figure out the settings to use.


I was going to see what might be available on iOS but the Wyze app works on my iPhone, so . . .

I haven’t tried but the company (Tiny Solutions) also makes “Baby Monitor for IP Camera” I just installed it.



Update: The Baby Monitor app does not have direct support.



Looks like a decent app but I confirm that it doesn’t work ‘out of the box’. Sigh.

The Android version that does work - Does it require hacking the camera? I take for granted that hacking the camera will enable other apps to access it. But I don’t want to alter the firmware and would prefer maintaining compatibility with the Wyze app.


Tiny Cam will not work out of the box for any camera. There is a minimal amount of setup required to get it working (no hacking required). I tired finding the write up that is on this site, but I can’t seems to find it. Hopefully someone can chime in and point it out. I can confirm that it does work. As I type this I’m looking at the snow in front of my house from my desktop computer.


The Android app directly supports the cameras. Just a choice on a dropdown menu. You can display your cameras in many different ways. 2 side by side, over under, 4 to a page etc. You can have a scan sequence, where each camera view goes full screen for a few seconds before moving to the next. You can add cameras from almost every manufacturer. You can add website cameras from anywhere or your local traffic cameras. And you can set it up with its internal web server so your cameras are visible to your computers.

If I had an Apple TV I would really dig to find something that worked like this. For me, the Wyze app is satisfactory on my iPhone.


Cool! So you can access the Wyze camera from your desktop using TinyCam AND via the Wyze app on your phone, without altering the camera?

Maybe it would be worth asking Tiny Solutions why the baby monitor app cannot do this.


I set the cameras up manually. The steps

Name the camera, Choose Wyze from the dropdown, enter the cameras IP address, enter your Wyze login information. That is pretty much it. If you have multiple devices, you can export the configuration and import it into the other devices.


So is there a TinyCam app for the PC?


No Tinycam app for PC. Just Android. You can set up Tinycam to use it’s own internal web server so that you can view the cameras with a browser on a PC.


I’m new to this security camera thing. How does one go about doing something like that?


You install the Android TinyCam Monitor app and then set the app up to connect to yous Wyze cameras. If you were referring to the web server, it is just a setting within the TinyCam app. You just enable it. Once enabled you can use the IP address of the Android device as in from any computer on your network.


Awesome! Thanks for the info!