WyzeCam website for viewing videos


Does anyone know if there is a WyzeCam website and/or computer app in the works to view your live cameras online? I like viewing my camera’s feed on my phone, but it would also be great if I could view them on my laptop as well through a website or app. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



I would also prefer to view on my laptop as opposed to the phone.


This is not available (yet)

It just plain makes sense to have a desktop app or website to view all the camera feeds. I would much prefer to view them on a 27 inch screen vs. a 6 inch screen. Of course viewing on the phone is convenient for when you are away from your desk, but the enormous size differential in screen real estate makes viewing camera feed much easier on a larger screen. Just my humble opinion!


I’ve been running an android emulator on my desktop to run the Wyze app and it does an OK job. I’d much rather have a real desktop app or website though.

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Any Updates on the desktop viewing option. It is crazy to me that this is not an option.

This is a great idea. Especially if it’s being used for security in a larger building, with multiple cameras.

The WYZE guys have no plans to make an app for pc.

Get tiny cam pro app. Add your cameras to the app then set up web server from within the app which allows you to view your cams through a browser interface on a PC. There are several how to guides in the forum. I used Tinycam Pro app available in the google playstore for $3.99. I think the free version also allows you to view the Wyze cams on your PC

I cannot find Tinycam Pro for iOS. Any suggestions?

There is not an official Tiny Cam IOS app… There are many ways to get the functionality to your web browser with allot of manipulation it can be done… These guys n gals have allot going on … New model out and the company is working on new products (Hence, the new Alpha testing program). That said, Give em time to get in a good groove…

We all have to remember, They are just now getting their feet wet! Takes a little while to get waist deep in Michigan type of water! :slight_smile:

I tried this but the notification on the Official app stop working. Right now that is a show stopper for me. Once that is worked out I’m all back in!

I have no WYZE for now but can somebody try to use VLC player?

  1. Open media->Open network.
  2. In Network tab enter URL: http://admin:password@xx.xx.xx.xxx/video.cgi?resolution=VGA.
where - admin - admin name to log to your camera

password - login password

XX.XX.XX.XXX - IP of your camera.

I’m not sure if this part is needed “/video.cgi?resolution=VGA”.

This solution works fine for mine not WYZE camera.

P.S. Sorry for my english.

Did not work for me,

I am also interested in this function. I bought these cameras knowing there were certain limitations, but that Wyze was a company that is constantly improving and adding functionality, I consider the $20/per an investment that will pay off in the coming months.

That said, I only have limited experience with “pen-testing” software, but it occurred to me that by using something like Wireshark you could analyze the data stream to/from cameras to determine login and connection protocol to then input into something like iSpy or BlueIris or VLC. I might be completely wrong, but I’d love some feedback on this idea.

And will you pay an annual membership fee? I would.

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Maybe a small one, but I’m not sure they can make early customers suddenly pay for an included feature i.e. advertised selling point. Hopefully we will have onvif support by then so i can set up my own server.

My prediction when buying these is that the price is so good that they will sell a lot and be ubiquitous and popular, and that matbe a community of WyzeCam “hackers” will figure out all kinds of creative tweaks and improvements, even if Wyze doesnt have the time or staff to.

Check my post about weatherproofing “outdoor-ifying” my cam.

Not saying it wouldn’t be worth it, but the whole reason why I ordered a V2 was the fact that there isn’t a membership or subscription requirement to view online or to have 2 weeks stored in the cloud for free. For someone like myself who doesn’t really need a security cam and isn’t willing to pay a subscription, this fact alone convinced me to purchase one.

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