WyzeCam Web Browser Access



So I didn’t know which for to post this in, but after having Hue lights they made an app for macOS and Windows allowing

me to access my Hue lights at home and on the go. So this made me think is it possible for WyzeCam to do the same.

For example almost like the app but on the browser so it’d be cameras . wyzecam.com for example and login and can

view my cameras and recorded videos, would be a awesome feature. Just an idea :wink:


Chris - I just posted a way to do this for both Mac OS and Windows folks. I am a Mac user so I can only guarantee the Mac portion.


Here is the URL to the Wyze post that I made outlining the steps: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/wyzecam-website-for-viewing-videos/#post-223629


It is not a dedicated app per se - but uses an Android OS emulator and the app TinyCam operating within the emulator to give a type of browser equivalent access to your cameras in the respective OS.


Edited to add later: I made a mistake (as was posted out by a friendly member) in identifying the Nox website: it is NOT Nox.com but BIGNOX.com. Sorry for the confusion.


I second this. There should be a web app where you can view a customization matrix of cameras. This way I could display 4 or 9 or whatever on a television.


If you have an Amazon Fire TV stick, which is android based, you can download the app from the google play store using a online APK downloader, & then simply “side-load” the app from your personal computer to your Fire TV stick. Then used ES-File explorer on your Fire TV & point it to your Windows P.C. & install it. Can see my cameras on my 50" 4k TV no problem.