WyzeCam v3 RTSP beta firmware accessories support

The current version of the WyzeCam v3 RTSP beta firmware does not support the new accessories, all I’m asking for to see is another beta with support for the accessories (specifically the floodlights) hopefully relatively soon, but at least some point.

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I was considering purchasing some spotlight camera’s for use with my V3’s, and even see under Settings for the V3, I see the Spotlight, Lamp Socket and Floodlight’s listed, and when I tap on any of them I get the dialog box for “Add a Wyze Cam Floodlight!” for example, and if I tap on the “I have one installed” it instantly gives me an error of “Uh oh…” “Something is wrong. Please check your WiFi connection and unplug your Floodlight and plug it back in before trying again”

The presence of the Accessories menu items leads me to believe these three accessories are supported. But the 'Instant" error of 'Uh oh…" leads me to believe, it doesn’t even try to find the accessory at all.

Can we get an official answer from Wyze on this one?