Wyzecam v2 outside endurance trial

i own half a dozen of these wyzecams. i’ve read how people fret about shielding the camera from the elements with an outside placement, knowing full well it was never intended by wyze for such use. well, i decided to throw caution (and the warranty) to the wind to find out how durable these little cameras can potentially be by mounting one outside with little protection from the elements.

i decided on placement by my outside deck near the outlet close to the ground. here is what i started with:

i replaced the standard outside cover with a while-in-use outlet cover. i selected a low-profile model which faces the outlets downward and had to use a shorter white cube usb charger, but the supplied wyze charger will fit in the standard profile models. replacement was simple and only required removing 2 screws.

i attached the wyzecam using the magnetic mount with the supplied 3m vhb tape. this area is subjected to crazy severe winds (enough to blow resin chairs over a 3ft railing) so i’m a little worried it may regularly get moved out of focus despite being close to the wall.

i didn’t buy any covers or outside mounting kits, nor did i tape up any openings, so the only protection from the elements is a roof overhang and an adjacent grill.

so far the camera has been online since may 5th in the chicago area and it has been raining constantly.

i’m curious to see how long it will keep going although i suppose the real test will come in the wintertime supposing it makes it that far. i’ll update if there are any significant developments.


I would be more concerned about people bumping into it when cooking out.

Just swap the outlet for one with two USB ports (as well as the two 110 outlets) and you could have saved some trouble.

I’ve had one on my front porch about 8 feet up on the side of the house. Had it out there since December of 2017, it’s still working!! Temps here in the winter get down to the 20’s. Couldn’t be happier with these little gems!!

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I have had wyze cam for more than a year and I live in canada with crazy cold winter. My cams are outside with no specific covers or anything, they work just fine. They are under the eaves that’s the only protection from elements. For 20$ i would buy new ones every couple of years if they break :slight_smile: