Wyzecam V2 Motion Detection Issues

I own 2 Wyze cameras that work great. Just bought a 3rd camera and its having the same issues outlined in this thread. It has the latest firmware. I can connect to it remotely and see the live feed. It properly detects motion while watching the live feed (illustrated by the green boxes). It has yet to send a single motion alert notification even after multiple resets, hard boots, etc. Sensitivity is 100% and I can sit and wave it at to no avail. This is a deal breaker Wzye.

Before you decide that it is a deal breaker I would get support involved, you have 3 working properly which means I doubt it is an issue of a setting since you know what the settings need to be. Time to get support involved in case it is defective.

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Good point. I’ll definitely reach out the support. Unfortunately this isn’t the only detection issue I’ve experienced with the Wyze cams over the years. I have first hand proof that my “good” cams only catch motion events around ~90% of the time – while armed and even when there hasn’t been an event for hours. Thats a topic for another thread though

Same issue. Recently purchased v2 does not detect motion, so no alerts. Been exchanging emails with support. No resolution yet.

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Same here, but it’s so sad no one still has a clear answer for this issue.

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Any progress? Here’s my experience with my brand new cam:

I turned on motion detection and set notifications immediately after setting up the camera. I received motion notifications and event recordings for about two days. Then the camera stopped recognizing motion. I am signed up for the free person detection trial, which is still active.

I did not change any settings.

Person detection is not a trial it is always free, do you mean you signed up for the free trial of CMC ‘Complete Motion Capture’?

What I would do is toggle off the settings and then toggle them back on and see if that makes a difference.

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