Wyzecam v2 JXF23 sensor picture quality worse than v1?

This is an example of the flicker or stutter I’ve noticed with my v2jxf23. I’ve reviewed this clip as it has uploaded here and it doesn’t seem as pronounced as it did on my larger monitor but it is still noticeable on the ceiling.

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That’s the same thing my camera is doing in my video of the driveway. Cycles every 2 seconds or so just like mine. The driveway is just more noticeable because its black and white.

I need to check all my other cameras because wyze support emailed me saying that my driveway camera is defective after I showed them that same video. Now since you have a vid of it maybe its a bad batch of cameras or a firmware problem.

I have now 4 cameras with about same problem. How can I find out, which sensors I have?

Here’s the link to one of the videos (sorry - they didn’t let me upload because of new user):

The video looks exactely like the ‘snow’ in the driveway. Here it’s like a time-lapse and watching leaves growing over weeks, but it’s ‘real-time’ … and it also is ‘jumping’ every few seconds.
Happy with functionality, but not with quality.


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My cameras all have this problem also.

Do all wyze cameras have bad image quality or is this just a bad batch from the supplier?

I don’t get how they got all these good amazon reviews if everyone is looking at what we are.

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@WyzeGwendolyn were you able to get anyone to look at the problem with the yellow tinted photo/video issue with the latest JXF23 sensor?
@JonSnow, Amazon probably has the old batch with the old sensor so that might be why it’s getting better reviews

The video with tiny pixel changes does not look abnormal to me. Because this is a Wi-Fi camera, the images/video are being compressed ( as opposed to raw data ) , so the tiny pixel changes looks normal, especially in your situation, there are a lots of different colors.
I looked at my cameras, and I noticed similar effect for the cameras that I am pointing at outside with a lot of color in the images.

Regarding the yellow tint, we are still investigating. Likely can be resolved via FW update later.


I don’t think this is anything new and from what I remember it has been discussed before , With the JXF22 sensor.
When I get around to it I will do some side-by-side tests

I really don’t agree because all of my cameras have good quality. Make sure you are not downgrading your settings away from High Definition in the app. :thinking:

I have only old v2s with JXF22 sensors and I see the same shifting pixels every few seconds. AFAIK it’s just a side effect of the somewhat extreme compression applied to the video.

I’m not seeing much difference between HD and SD and this may be the compression WyzeDongsheng mentioned. Maybe I’d see the difference if I pulled the MicroSD card and looked? Sure wish there was a copy function so I didn’t have to physically pull the card.

@WyzeDongsheng thanks for investigating the issue.

The image from my newer camera seems to be much worse. It is very grainy and jerky. Could the unit be defective? Compare the two files. This is beyond disappointing.

G -

P.S. I gave one way as a present and haven’t heard about how it works, but it is likely the same.

Yikes. Yeah, this is a replacement case. Have you contacted customer support about this? If not, please fill out this form, include the video, and specify that Gwendolyn talked to Jason and they agreed to replace this Wyze Cam. We’ll need your order number and shipping address for the replacement.


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I didn’t notice until now but the yellow tint is gone on both the pan and v2 JXf23 sensor cameras! I know I saw the firmware update for the pan fixed it but I didn’t see firmware update info about it in the v2. I still think the JXF22 sensor had much better quality but I guess there is no way to obtain those cameras anymore unfortunately.

I am having the exact same problem with three different cameras.

I have two Wyze Cam V2 and a Wyze Cam V1 and a Wyze Cam Pan. The Wyze Cam V1 and V2 are both doing the “rendering” thing. Seems like the picture is fuzzy or blurry in places and it updates like very 2 seconds. Doesn’t do it if I put the cams in SD mode as bad but VERY noticeable in HD mode. Can hardly even make out details at all in the pics or videos. A real shame. Don’t know what to do abut it either. Like one post said, looks like it’s snowing in the video stream. Blurry spots in video and then the screen like “refreshes” every couple of seconds, but doesn’t really help at all. Could use some help about what to do about it, If anything. Maybe a firmware reverse to the last update. Doesn’t seem like this started until the last update.