WyzeCam V2 IR light issue

Hey guys,

I have just noticed that my WyCam V2 only uses 2 IR light instead of 4. I am 100% sure it was 4 at the beginning but now it only uses 2.
The nighttime quality is crap now.
Does anyone have this problem and any idea how can I solve it?

Firmware version is:
App verison: 2.3.16

I have tried to restart the app and the camera too. I also tried to remove the camera and add again. Did not work.

Hey GaVeLi,

Depending on where you bought your Wyze Cam V2, you should definitely return and get it replaced. This does not sound like any software issue but rather a hardware issue.

If you bought it from the Wyze Store, you can get it replaced if it is in an undamaged condition within 1 year of purchase. See https://www.wyze.com/return-warranty-policy/.

Try power cycling the camera, if that doesn’t work, try resetting it.

Best of luck,


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I have ordered it from amazon.com to the UK.
I am having problem with this plus 2 out of my 3 V2 mic do not work properly as well. They record muffled or no sound at all. I know this is a budget cam but I am getting disappointed.