WyzeCam v2 Connection Failure

I just bought three new cameras from Wyze.com. I tried to set it up today and thats the message I have been getting. I reset my router turned off my computer and nothing work. I already have four Wyze cameras connected to the same network, not sure why these new cameras wont connect to the network.

I tried like a millions time with my iphone xs max and it did not work. I took out my Iphone 4mini and it worked on the first try. I am not sure what the issue was.

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I had the same problem with my iPhone XS, where past QR code I got “failure to connect”. Then I went into my Settings/Wyze/LOCATION ON (while Wyze app is active), and then repeated the setup. It worked on first try. Did again on another Wyze pro cam, and it worked too.
Don’t know if Wyze had done upgrade on their app, but it seems to work. But “location on” is important.

Bumping this thread: This tip, turning location to “always” from “when using the app”, seemed to solve a “failure to connect” issue when I was setting up a V2 on my iPhoneSE. Thanks for sharing that! :smiley:

Thanks, alexanderivan!

Setting the location permission to always seemed to have resolved the issue on my Android 11 phone as well.

Issue overview: “Connection Failed” when adding a previously-disconnected camV2

I can’t seem to contact a person at Wyze, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up on my three cameras, and try something else. I’ve reinstalled the app, rebooted the modems, unplugged the cameras, reinstalled, called the internet service, and they still fail to connect. I can get them to work at their location sometimes , but when trying to access the cameras from a remote location they will not go live, and on events will show only the 13 seconds, they cannot access the SD card. They do work on motion and record the 13 seconds, but that is all. I like the Wyze app and the way the cameras function with the SD card, but if you can’t get them to work, and have tried everything it’s time to move on, there is only so much you can do. I would rather keep this system as I do like it.

After almost two weeks of connnection failure,no live cam videos, no SD card videos, only 13 sec video on all 3 cameras the cameras are finally working again. Everything was tried to resolve it nothing worked, the Jennie cam, and Ring had no problems so this is an internal problem with Wyze that corrected itself, but for how long is the problem… Sending you 13 sec videos to help does nothing as they always work