Wyzecam power supply failure



I know this may not be the greatest way to post this, but I figured I’d try anyway. I have a Wyzecam V2 and it was recording badly to the SD card. Video was choppy and it clicked constantly. Then the power supply failed and I replaced it with a new one rated at 2 amps. Suddenly it’s working perfectly. Is it possible that there are some borderline power supply’s out there that are causing that type of problem for a certain percentage of people?


It’s pretty cheap to just buy one and most people have them laying around anyway.


Makes sense. Also reminds me to ask when people are having trouble, are they using a cheap long cable. Long cables with thin wires will cause big voltage drop which will cause issues.


It’s still working. No more annoying clicking either. I’m starting to feel confident that this is a problem. People need to swap out the usb power supply at some point if they’re having problems, as it may just solve them.