Wyzecam outdoor battery dead within hours

Ive experienced the same and more. I dropped out since my last posts because of these continued ,circular issues. I had to take a break and move on . The price is pretty good for what you get, but i couldnt see where upgrading to PLUS would improve the function and issues Ive experienced so far

iTS 30 DAYs since this post. Only two of us with these unreliability issues?
and no one else? Man! Maybe someone has posed similar comments, but elsewhere. Its really only a monitoring system and its better than nothing. Isnt costing me much (not on plus until they improve on a few basic things.Its fairly good for what it does,excepting the frequent disconnects,slow picture capture aquisition time ,and thats if the whole process goes perfect which rarely does it.
I bought approx 3-v3 cams and 2 batt cams. On average I must change the batt cam by 24 hr. Occasionally one will last 18-20 hrs,but rarely . Like Ive stated before ,somewhere, The few cams are useful for keeping tabs on whats going on while Im home and awake even though the pics are only 12sec or less. its better than not having anything.

I have not had the same battery use problem. I have 4 WCO, I charge the batteries when they get to 40% which is between every 6-7 weeks. They are all on scheduled event recording to the 32 GB cards in the cams. They are set for a 10 day period, no cooldown period and a max event video length of 2 min. per event. I am using the iOS app, Base is connected via ethernet, base firmware is and cams are Some record more than others. I still get the notifications and a 12 second event clip. If I think or know that motion was longer than 12 seconds I’ll take the SD card out and look at the entire longer video events when I feel like it.

Both of my WCO have recently experienced dramatically shorter battery lives. One can last about two days after a full charge, the other about 4 days. They are both just under a year old, Temps are lows in the upper 50s (F) and highs in the mid 80s. I’m guessing the batteries are just aging out.

Update, this week one lasted about 20 hours, the other about 48 hours, The one that lasted 20 hours had no events recorded.

I have the same battery issue.
The cam has been fine all winter. Recently I went away for 2 weeks and the battery drained all the way to zero. I forgot to charge it before I left.
When I came back I recharged it, but now it lasts less than a day.
The battery may have been compromised by the deep discharge.
I hope the hardware is designed to protect the battery, otherwise it can be a fire hazard.
Running, base at

I upgraded FW and things got better. The battery used to last just one day. With new FW it went down to 72% in 3 days. There were two 12 seconds events during those days.
Better performance, but still discharging much faster than before.

My battery was not draining and it was 156 days since the last charge. After the firmware update this week to fix a problem I didn’t have, it started draining very quickly. I charged it on Wednesday (today is Friday), and it started draining almost immediately. Overnight it went from 60% to zero.

I’ve put in a support ticket and all that have responded is to try the troubleshooting tips I already did and even noted so in my email to them.

I can’t find it now, but I thought I read there is a way to revert to earlier FW. Does anyone know how?

This is the battery usage:

How do I interpret this? Are there events triggering a capture that don’t get sent? I don’t have any events in the app, certainly not an hour worth.
23 minutes of live stream? I have not watched the camera live for that long since the last full charge.

You can change to a previous firmware (Maybe September 8 version) Here.
Are you sure you don’t have any filters turned on on the app home page? I had no events showing on 5 cameras since yesterday afternoon. I saw that I had turned the Person Only filter on by mistake and as soon as I turned it off I had numerous event videos show up on the events page, Duh!!!

Firmware change:


Sorry for the trouble. What is the firmware version of your WCO? If it is not the latest version, could you update the device to and test it again? Thank you very much

Sorry for the trouble. Could you update the device to and test it again? Thank you very much

I think you are getting multiple indications the latest firmware isn’t working. Maybe you should ask for log numbers?

I’m already ON that version and it is what caused my problem The battery was fine before the update.

I fully charged it again last night, put it in an unused room, and this morning it was nearly completely discharged with no events recorded.

Wzye bricked my camera with this firmware update.


After troubleshooting with a couple of reps and sending several videos and screen shots, they offered to send a new camera, which I accepted and it’s on its way. Since I purchased this during pre-order, and it went into service in early August 2020, I think it’s very nice of them to send another camera.


Hello WyzeBaohua, To clarify my post, I meant that I had upgraded the FW to

The camera seems to draw less now, but I also added a detection zone. I did get a few events lately
and it seems they were due to the new angle of the sun, moving lower in the sky.
Should IR light from the sun trigger the camera? Is that what the “motion” sensor detects?

The camera has been at 66% for four days now. So, definitely better. However, prior to my FW upgrade the battery would have lasted even longer.
I checked that I am not ignoring other events.

I have no idea why some members have excessive battery use. I have 4 WCO installed in October 2020 and never had a battery drain issue. I have all 4 cams on scheduled event recording to the SD cards in the cams set for 10 days at a time, no cooldown period and a max.video length for each event set at 2 min.
Below are my cams today. The front was last charged 9-12-21 and records many events, East yard charged 9-3-21 and records many events, Backyard last charged 9-12-21, few events, West 9-24-21 many, many daily people, cat, possum and Raccoon long video events. My cam firmware is, base connected via ethernet, All cams have a great strong Wi-Fi signal to them. And now I probably just jinxed myself :rofl:

I had excessive drain awhile back ago… a power down of the camera and full charge and it went back to normal.

They do tend to drain faster outdoors in much colder weather… but I have not charged the one camera I actually have outdoors in almost 2 months. Granted there is little activity where it is placed and it has cam plus.

But other than that one time I have not had drainage issues even as a beta tester.