Wyzecam Not Turning On?

Im sure whatever ghz my network is on… its compatible as i set this up a while back…

But why am i getting that connecting issue?

Question on this. A while back i spoke to wyzecam support on this issue and they were helping me troubleshoot it but could not get it fixed. Eventually they sent me a replacement for it and that one works.

My question is… does this mean the wyzecam i originally bought is completely useless now? Could i try to flash it to try to reset it? The original wyzecam i bought a while back… i basically unplugged it and just put it on the table etc.

But im using the replacement one and its fine.

You could try this. It was suggested above to do this before requesting a replacement. Did you already try this?

No because i didnt know how to do this. Where are the instructions?

Also do you need to have a micro sd slot on the computer in order to do this? I recall someone said you had to save a file to a micro sd flash drive but im not sure my laptop has that slot. Its a dell xps.

I’ve brought v2s “back from the dead” by flashing current or previous firmware into them. Here is the support page in it:


Yes, you need access to add a file onto the sd card and rename the file. This inturn gets placed into the camera for the flash. This is a super short explanation, but refer to the link for the full run down.

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