Wyzecam Not Turning On?

Im sure whatever ghz my network is on… its compatible as i set this up a while back…

But why am i getting that connecting issue?

Question on this. A while back i spoke to wyzecam support on this issue and they were helping me troubleshoot it but could not get it fixed. Eventually they sent me a replacement for it and that one works.

My question is… does this mean the wyzecam i originally bought is completely useless now? Could i try to flash it to try to reset it? The original wyzecam i bought a while back… i basically unplugged it and just put it on the table etc.

But im using the replacement one and its fine.

You could try this. It was suggested above to do this before requesting a replacement. Did you already try this?

No because i didnt know how to do this. Where are the instructions?

Also do you need to have a micro sd slot on the computer in order to do this? I recall someone said you had to save a file to a micro sd flash drive but im not sure my laptop has that slot. Its a dell xps.

I’ve brought v2s “back from the dead” by flashing current or previous firmware into them. Here is the support page in it:


Yes, you need access to add a file onto the sd card and rename the file. This inturn gets placed into the camera for the flash. This is a super short explanation, but refer to the link for the full run down.

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Thanks for the response. But my laptop would need the micro sd slot though right? If it matters, i do have a dell xps laptop but im not sure it has that slot?

You may have a different size sd card slot on the laptop somewhere then have to use a sd card adapter with the micro sd card to read it on the laptop. Here is a general photo to show the sd card and it’s adapter that are sold fairly commonly together.


I use a 7 in 1 sd card usb adapter. Fits many sd card sizes and stuff and olives into my desktop with a normal usb plug. Generic photo attached. Picked up for a few bucks at best or somewhere.


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Okay so im going to do it right now. I actually have access to a windows desktop computer right now.

But i still need a micro sd card to do this right?

If you are referring to a manual firmware flash, then yes, you’ll need a sd card that works in the camera for the process.

Okay but i only need it to do that and thats all right? But if i want to have local storage, obviously keep it inside the wyzecam?

Also can anyone who done this successfully as in flash the wyzecam tell me how long it took them to do this?

Possible, this is one fix that I’ve done that has brought back inoperable cameras for me in the past. This is just part of the troubleshooting process.

Yep if you want to use local storage, then you can leave the micro sd card in the slot.

I have flashed many cams, weither it’s to reload firmware, change to RTSP, change to webcam. Maybe 5 mins or less? Not long.

Okay well at the moment, i dont have my micro sd card with me. I left it inside my other wyzecam in my old apartment etc. So i only this wyzecam now.

So you are saying as long as i get a new micro sd card… i can try this… but do you have a percentage on whether it would work or not? Also if i buy a micro sd card… is 32gb the max size i could buy and use? I know with my other wyzecam that works, that is the size of the micro sd card i use with it. Wait… you say use a sd card adapter with the micro sd card. Do i need to buy this sd card adapter or should your laptop or desktop have this? I got a dell xps laptop and a chromebook. I also have an old dell desktop that is decade old etc.

Also i forgot the answer to this… but if i use a wyzecam without the micro sd card, what am i limited to? I believe i cant view like the last two weeks or so of footage or something like that? Like with the wyzecam that works with the microsd card i have in it… i typically only have it turned on at night only like half the day. I have it recorded continuously i believe when i have it on. Then i could go back to a week or so with the local storage before it get erase. So without the micro sd card… how far can i go back?

Asking this because right now… i have two wyzecams with me at the moment. While the other is in my other apartment. One of the wyzecams i have now work with zero issue. It doesnt have micro sd card though. The other wyzecam is the one im talking about with all these issues where i need to fix it. So you recommend get a micro sd card as only way to flash it so to speak… but is there any other method i could try to possibly fix it? I know a while back i seemed to reset and tried everything but it didn’t work.

Would you recommend buying two micro sd cards to put in both of these wyzecam cameras? Without it… it would be kind of useless unless you have that monthly subscription fee right?

Let’s touch on a some of the comments…

Yes,if you get a micro sd card you can try this. I have had good success with it bringing back dead or inop cameras. This should fix software/firmware issues, but not if it’s a hardware issue. For this process, a 32 or smaller card is needed. Over 32 will not for the flash, but for local storage, over 32 will work. I have 64 gig cards in most my cameras, although I do this knowing that 32 is the highest officially supported sd card size.

If you already have an adapter or your computer has a micro sd card slot already, then you won’t need an adapter. I have more small adapters than I will ever need in my lifetime, but also use a usb3 7in1 sd card adapter that I use mainly with my desktop.

Live view, or the cloud storage options (free 12 sec/5 min cool down or Camplus).

You could delete from the app and try to reinstall it, you can try and factory reset (which deletes the settings file). Those are things to try without any extra dodads.

That would be up to you. If live view and the free cloud service is enought for you, then good. If you need more weither it’s a combo of camplus, free cloud, sd card local storage (event only or continuous record), then it’s up to you to understand the features and limitations of each and choose which are best. I am very vigilant and have a mix, my mission critical cameras (exterior entrances) have camplus and sd card set to continuous, down to less important cams have a minimum of sd card set to event recording only (cat food dishes). I recommend that you or to anyone, give the time to do the due diligence to understand the options, and choose the best for each use case.

Okay so i found out my dell xps 9550 laptop only have the standard sd slot and not the micro sd slot. So i guess i will have to buy that micro sd card adapter then? But i check online i could even buy a micro sd to sd adapter because its cheaper since i have a sd card adapter?

Im looking at these on amazon

So the first one would work since well its usb. The second cheaper one works only if my laptop/computer has a sd card slot right? So its cheaper to buy the second one as oppose to first one if you have a standard sd card alot? Thus you put this inside it?

Then I saw this

So is this the micro sd card i need… but it also comes with an adapter?

I do see sandisk micro sd slot card as well like this but it seem to cost even more than samsung when samsung is better?

So of these links i posted, what would i need to buy? I need to buy a micro sd card and that adapter to try to fix my old wyze cam. I also would get another micro sd card for my other wyzecam that works with no issue.

So best recommendation here? I guess buy a microsd card and adapter first… see if i could fix the firmware or not… if it doesn’t… well use the microsd card for my other working wyzecam right? But if i fix the firmware with it… then just buy another microsd card for the working wyzecam now?

I use only high endurance cards for my cameras local storages. If you computer or whatever has a slit for micro sd cards then you don’t need an adapter, if it only has a slot for the bigger sd cards, then you need to use the adaptor. I also have a usb dongle I use for reading the micro sd cards.

Overkill yes and adds to my stack of unneeded adapters, but each card came with a new adapter.

I’m bit confused. If i buy that samsung micro sd card i listed and it has an adapter as mentioned in the description, isn’t that all i need AS LONG AS I HAVE A STANDARD SD SLOT on my laptop or desktop though?

I don’t need to buy the dongle right? Only buy dongle if I don’t have a standard sd slot on my computer?

So right now i connected the non working wyzecam into outlet. What i notice is when I do this, you see a solid orange light… thats it. You hear a few clicking once in a while but always orange light. I then held the reset button on wyzecam for ten seconds… does not do anything. Its still solid orange light?

I then deleted this camera from the wyzecam app on iphone.

I did get a micro sd card and adapter. So download that firmware … then put it in wyzecam and flash it?

Thing is how come he holding the reset button for ten seconds didn’t do anything to it?

Shouldn’t it at least turn off or go blue a bit?

So based on this, I can’t even reset this wyzecam right? Only firmware might fix this?