Wyzecam folders on my phone?



im using an android phone… and EVERY day, there are 3 folders on my phone… video, alarm and cam. as of right now there are 8 videos in the video folder, 107 pics in the alarm folder, and 1 video in the cam folder.

i delete them every day yet there are more the next day. i figure this is all being saved on the sd card and in the cloud storage. so if i need them i can download what i need as i need.

what are these and how do i get it to stop?


Your phone is using those to show you the video and images. Streaming the items still downloads them to your phone. They are probably deletable with a cache clear or similar.


oohhh, so when i get an alert, if i view that video in app it automatically downloads it? what about the 137 images on my phone as of now? i dont view every image…


I believe those are the thumbnail updates. Last I checked the thumbnail updates every second time you view the live feed so it should be downloading that image each time. The video you are reviewing isn’t the live feed so it downloads it to view it.


The thumbs are from notification feed. “Everybody” asked for thumbnails for alerts instead of just cam name. So now when you open the app, click on notifications it downloads a thumbnail for each of the notifications. If you scroll through the notification list,you’ll get more thumbs downloaded.


The Wyze iOS app has similar behavior. At present, the app is consuming 168 MB of data storage on my iPhone. I haven’t figured out how/when the app decides to purge the various videos, photos, and thumbnails it has stored on the iPhone.


I would like to turn this feature off if possible…