WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support

I’ve come to the logic of if your going to spend what you are on the camera the wire and the pie switch plus adapter.

Then your so close to the price point of a standard up camera that is hardwired and Poe.

And with Ispyconnect.com you get everything Wyze gives you and more

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That is true, but being in technology and having most of my house already wired, I figured I would complete it and use POE+. This provides me with endless possibilities for charging devices, attaching POE Camera Systems with PVR, or anything else. However, I am simplifying things and reducing what I need to take care of in my house, so Wyze provides me with a solution. In addition, I enjoy all aspects of IT and have no issues with what Wyze has been doing, At this time I have decided to stick with Wyze. But now I have more possibilities.

I should note that I have had Arlo Pro system and Eufy as well. I settled on Wyze as I want to get all of my stuff in one ecosystem without breaking the bank :wink: .

Also, being in the IT field, I have and am involved in many different Smart Home technologies and also had my own PBX in my house for my phone system. I am now simplifying things as I am planning on retiring within a year or so. :slight_smile:

you never know, I may always revert to a Hardwired system. in the October AMA from wyze they mentioned that the V3 is capable of Ethernet but the current FW does not support it. So if and when they come out with Ethernet connected Camera’s, I will be ready.

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I :frowning: just want an update. The last info we got about this was in October (now 6 months ago). Please, someone, I beg. @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeFrederik

PoE is only already half supported for the moment.

The power aspect should be working already.
The data through PoE is not supported yet. The team is looking into supporting it but we are not there yet. If you have a network adapter that can send the data into the cam, it might end up creating some adverse effect. So beware!


Get on it.

A busy box re flash firmware is being created in GitHub that enables an Amazon usb to network device functional.

What do you mean the Power aspect is working? When I asked support previously about using POE solely for power purposes and a MicroUSB adapter, I was told it wasn’t supported due to the power requirements of the v3. Is that no longer the case? Please clarify. Thank you!

Forget about wyze poe option and buy yourself favor with poe camera. I bought some poe camera, onvif and upgraded. I have been happy since. How can you justify investing on those poe switch for a camera that does not support it. I am happier now with my poe switch, poe camera at 39dollar and my NAS to record with mobile app.

Thanks for the update, I have mine connected to a POE Splitter for Power and Data. I only use the Power side for now

IMHO, I have no issue investing in the switch and adapters as I now have the ability to utilize any camera. I am sticking with Wyze as I don’t have any issues with it and it is powered with the POE solution. Once it allows for Data, I am ready.

So, not an issue to me.

Mine is working via POE with the splitter in place for Power. There is no issue, not sure why they said that.

To be clear, is your splitter also converting to 5 Volt DC power or is it passing the full PoE voltage to the camera?

How will the camera know that power is coming off a POE? DC is DC, as long as the final voltage is 5V and it can support the the required amps, it doesn’t matter where that DC is coming from.