WyzeCam "eating" micro SD cards?

I have had issues as well with a couple of my cameras not playing nice with my SD cards. Sometimes closing the app fixes it. Sometimes rebooting the camera fixes it. Sometimes I have to take the card out and format it in a different camera. Sometimes the cards are just completely dead and unusable. The 2 that I have the most problem with share power so I wonder if there could be some issue with the power that causes it.

For some time, I’ve intentionally stayed away for Wyze products, and the forums, waiting to see if Wyze has every taken the time to, or has, solved their camera issue of destroying micro SD cards?

In passing on the net, I have seen how Wyze it working on new/other products, and how they have opened new/bigger/more elaborate offices, and been bragging about how they have hired “Doctors” (individuals with Phds) for the development of their new smart thermostat.

So, considering all of those factors, provided Wyze has solved the SD/Camera issue(s)… and being willing to give Wyze products another try/opportunity… I ask this question…

Has Wyze solved the issue of both it’s WyzyCam and PanCam products destroying installed micro SD cards? If so, I would be willing to purchase/try their cameras again. If not, then that poses another question of…
If Wyze has the time and money to put into new corp offices, and hire Phds to work on new products, why have they not utilized those same resources to correct the micro SD card issues with their front line camera products?

For what it’s worth a few years back I did a product with a 4G cellular modem in it that was for outdoor applications.

We had issues with the SIM cards failing to read after some time in the field. It was related to temperature cycling and contaminates on the SIM card contacts and connector. After a number of temperature cycles the connection to the card would become unreliable.

Those SIM card contacts and connectors aren’t totally dissimilar to what you’ll find on a micro SD card. Both were designed with an inside controlled environment in mind.

We started wiping the card and connector down with a contact lubricant/protector. You might try wiping something like deoxit on the micro SD card contacts and reinserting them. Might help. Still don’t think anyone knows the underlying failure mechanism here.