WyzeCam cannot connect to Meraki Network



I have 2 WyzeCams I ordered to mess around with here at the office however they are not able to connect to the Cisco Meraki network we have setup. Meraki have both 2.4g and 5.0g wireless radios with auto negotiation. WyzeCam simply cannot connect to these APs as the device states it cannot find the network but the phone app sees my device is connected to the work wireless. Our network is setup with WPA2 so there should be no issues there.

Anyone at WyzeCam have any ideas of what could be possibly wrong? Meraki is quite capable of allowing these devices on the network but it appears that the type of wireless chip that is used on the WyzeCam just cannot auto negotiate with the APs.


Disregard, I figured it out myself. Crazy but my phone cannot be connected to the wireless on the network here in the office. I have to manual enter the SSID and then it will complete on setup.

Interesting that my own phone cannot be connected to the wireless or else the WyzeCam for some reason cannot see the 2.4G network.