WyzeCam becoming more & more unusable?

I’m kind of there too. I have two Amcrest wifi/wired IP cams and just bought a POE one for my shop. I’ve also been moving to SmartThings and Zwave switches to try to get some things off the wifi. I have a lot of devices, many wired, many wireless. Wifi just doesn’t seem to be the answer for everything.

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Oh. Only 2-3 years since I got Wyze. I could VERY easily live without them, but that is not the same as saying it’s okay for governments to ban them. Did Trudeau actually indicate that intent?

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Nah. He’s got his hands full dictating the correct course for a grateful nation. :expressionless:

I feel the same way. I have 5 wyze cameras, 2 v2 and 3 outdoor. Countless updates and the subscription issues, useless tech support.

One of these days I am going to ditch all of these cameras.

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I too feel your pain. Soon, I will trash them all, get other non De Novo company. Wyze has to many growing pains. Live n learn.

Well, they are inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Hi, yes I totally agree with you. As I stated, “live n learn”

Wow, interesting. What’s the brand, model you have instead of Wyze.

I like Foscam, but they are a tad more expensive than Wyze cams. If you want any of my old wansview or wanscams, let me know. They are pure junk , but to be fair, they have been around for many years.

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Wyze generally allows discussion of competing products here. It’s in the forum rules.

So spending hundreds of dollars for a new router/modem is the solution?

A Hobson’s choice if there ever was one. Shame on Wyze!

@missabe77 @philliparticola

They may be considering a Wyze branded wireless router at $100-200. Then again, they maybe not. It all depends. :wink:

True @missabe77, I was so frustrated at this point that spending a couple hundred EACH on new routers at both my house and my office to solve my WyzeCam issue is crazy!

I was so happy at how inexpensive wyzecams are, I spent $400+ On new routers just to keep them working!

Doesn’t make them so inexpensive anymore, does it?



Your helping all of us. Wyze is just slowing pushing the people who got their first cameras to get the cam plus. I’m looking for another company to provide me what is needed, instead of milking the money.

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I have 7 cams some as old as 4 plus years. Lately 2 of them have died. They won’t connect so I deleted and added them back. Still won’t connect to my Wi-Fi. I decided to chuck them but save the mini cards. Neither card will delete or format. Fails on 3 windows and 1 MacBook. Weird.

If they are V1/V2 cameras you might want to try the DaFang firmware, if you need IP based cameras running RTSP.

Their junk…Wyze.Period. I have a Colt Pythons 357 mag you can use.

Personally the camera performance has got worse and worse as time has gone on. Ive been with wyze since v1’s and in the last 6 months ive done more troubleshooting of my set up than at any other time. The iOS app is unstable to say the least, one example can be pick any camera, click on Album and watch the screen flash… sometimes it will show you the videoa you have, other times it wont, and yet other times it may show you all but one of your videos (or pictures). thats just once example…

I will not be replacing any of my set up as each of them trips-the-light-fantastic. just means im going to have to research their replacements (and ill never buy anything tied to Amazon)…

Its a shame that wyze fell in live with the rest of greedy corporate america… they were really good when they started out.


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That’s wat I did. I replaced my deco with asus. And now I got issue with no internet connection with asus. Sux