Wyze1 the - getting video data (3/3) - stuck here


3/28/19 and this problem still exists in brand new products. I have more than a dozen cams in numerous houses on different networks. All work nearly flawlessly. Bought two cams this week. One hooked up seamlessly to a local network. I have 2 existing cams on a different network that work perfectly and the brand new third simply hangs on “Getting video data”. I knew it was going to be trouble because it took an hour of trying to get the QR code read that tipped me off to problems ahead. Now I know why people are pissed off and return these things. I’m surprised I had such a good streak going. Oh well I’m glad I bought extra and “qualified” the one I really needed before permanently installing it in it’s location. Still happy with the product line in general but just may be returning this dud.


Cam recorded even before setup was complete