Wyze1 the - getting video data (3/3) - stuck here


#129 is the latest ( not earlier ) beta firmware, where we address several connectivity issues.

Can you confirm you are on, or some other earlier version ?


you are right…i saw .28 and thought that page had earlier firmware. looks like i’m using the beta So far so good with this one :slight_smile:


Any solution to this problem yet?


There are a few different issues involved, so the updates are slightly different.

when you switch quickly between device list and camera live streaming, sometimes, you are not able to connect. This issue has been resolved and the update has been pushed out via the latest APP.

For stuck on 3/3 issues after firmware upgrade, we have some leads on the root cause, but have not yet confirmed the root cause. Still working on this.

Other than these 2, we have fixed a few other connectivity issues and the firmware has been pushed out as beta.

If you are willing to help us to find the problem by providing your issue details to us, please join the connectivity dedicated facebook group discussion = group name “39230Connectivity”


my support ticket is #40550 having same issue hangs on 3 of 3 when trying to connect to live feed from 4g provider at&t…sends notification clips fine when away from home network…please advise!!! jchase


Any workarounds found without rolling back the firmware?


For those of you who is monitoring this thread, we have made progresses on connectivity issue. After many troubleshooting and internal testing, we have released the latest firmware to Beta users. ( this is for Wyze Cam V1 )

If you are already a Beta user, please upgrade your firmware to

If you are not a beta user and want to be a beta user, please sign up here . - https://www.wyzecam.com/become-a-beta-tester/

If you have feedback on connectivity for the latest firmware, pls respond back to this thread. Thank you



I updated my firmware to this morning. Two cameras would not connect prior to updating. After the firmware update, I’m happy to report that both cameras are reliably connecting. Thank you for fixing it!


Awesome! Let us know if the issue comes back!


Where can I find this firmware version. I have 2 cameras and one of them is acting as described in many of the above posts.


I just connected a new Wyzecam. Setup went well, but not getting the live feed. In other words, I have the same problem everyone else has. Two other cameras are working just fine, no problems. What appears on the “connecting” page is "connecting camera (1/3). The solutions that people are suggesting here are far to complex for me. Is there a quick fix or do I need to return the camera. By the way, I bought two cameras and haven’t installed the 2nd one yet. I would expect that the same problem will occur.


Same problem for me. Stuck on 3/3 any news on a fix?


are you using a V1 cam ? or V2 cam ? which version of firmware are you on ?


The camera firmware is

Version 2 cam

Using the new beta app 1.3.112.

But I only downloaded the beta yesterday hoping it would fix the problem.

I have had the same problem since I set up my 5 cameras


How do I upgrade the firmware?


V1 Cam, using the official firmware and this problem is fixed now. I’m now able to connect to the cams using an external network without the 3/3 stuck.

Thank you!


I am also seeing the 3/3 error on my V1 cameras with the current firmware and the current Google Play store version of the Wyze app. The person that mentioned that this happens when the camera is pointed outside from a window was on to something. I have a V1 camera pointed out a sunny window that has this issue, only during the sunny time of day. When the sun sets, the issue is gone. I have it sitting on the window sill, just like the previous user. If I walk up to the camera, grab it with my hand and turn it 180 degrees so that it points to the interior of the house, while still sitting in the exact same place on the window sill, it instantly comes alive on the app on my Samsung S8 phone. I turn it around and point it outside again, and it goes dead immediately. It’s almost like the sun kills it. Like a reverse Superman. I have another V1 camera pointed out a different window which is on the perpetually shady side of the house. This camera does not have this issue at all. It always works in the Wyze app.

Here is a new twist to this thread. I am a long time user of the Tinycam Monitor Pro android app. I’ve used it for years for non-Wyze cameras in my house. They have figured out how to make Wyze cams work inside their app. This camera that I describe above, which does not work in the Wyze app when pointed at the sunny outdoors (hanging at 3/3), works perfectly fine in the Tinycam Montor Pro app for the live feed all the time. It works simultaneously while the Wyze app is hanging at 3/3. It’s almost like the camera itself is functional, but the Wyze app is what is broken.


OMG… Reverse Superman :slight_smile:

Would you mind trying to swap the 2 cameras locations, and see if the 2nd camera ( currently pointing to shady side ) behave the same if you point it to the sunny side ?

As far as the tinycam goes, is APP the only variable here ? Just to confirm, this is at the same time, you use Tinycam on Android, you can see live feed, but you use Wyze Cam on Android, you stuck at 3/3 ?


Unfortunately, the issue is back. It started over the holidays and is exactly the same behavior as happened last March/April. I have updated the firmware on all three cameras to: My front door camera will connect live after multiple attempts, often to a black screen though. The other two will not ever connect. They get to “Getting video data” and then just hang, eventually cycling through the authentication process again.



@ WyzeDongsheng Anyone monitoring this?