Wyze1 the - getting video data (3/3) - stuck here



Update on my issues.

Still having intermittent connection issues on two cams here. Sometimes they load quickly, as they did before the latest firmware release. Sometimes they take 30-60 seconds to load. Sometimes they hang on “getting video data 3/3” and never connect. Sometimes one works and the other doesn’t. Sometimes it is vice versa.

I did hear back from Wyze on the support ticket I submitted. They had me run RouteThisHelps on the two cameras and came back with my router isn’t an 802.11ac router and I have ~40% packet loss, and the cameras need 802.11ac to run consistently. Well according to my tests, I have 0 packet loss, and the cameras ran consistently on that router before the latest firmware. Replied to their message and they replied that they wanted me to run RouteThisHelps on my router. Did that, and am waiting for a response from them now.

Admittedly my router is an older model, but it is an N router and ran these cameras perfectly before the firmware update. I am not averse to getting a new router, if I actually need it, but I don’t believe that I do. There is nothing in their FAQs saying that these cameras need anything other than a 2.4 GHz network, using WPA or WPA2. No mention of these needing an 802.11ac router to function reliably.

As it stands, these cameras are useless to me if they are not reliable when I am away from my home network. Of course I am past my return window with Amazon, as I have had them running perfectly for 2 months or so until the latest firmware update.


I’m using an older AC router and having the same issues as everyone else in this thread. I’ve got an ASUS AC66U router, so I don’t think the AC has any bearing on the cam to work reliably.


My cam is connected to the 2.4ghz on my home network. I’m at work and can’t connect to the cam’s using either wifi or my 4G data.


Thanks for posting. It is interesting that you have the router that I was looking at getting because Wyze was telling me that my problems were because I didn’t have an AC router. Interesting that someone with an AC router is still having the issue. Were your cameras working with that router before the latest firmware upgrade?



For those having connection issues, have you experimented with your router settings? After I did so on my ASUS RT-AC68U, my 3 cameras have been pretty stable. Ref. my post from 3/10, a portion of which I’ll paste below. Not suggesting this will resolve everyone’s problem, but worth a try. On my PC, I use inSSIDer to locate the least congested control channel.

p.s. after having said all this, my 3 cameras have actually been pretty well-behaved lately after, for testing purposes, sidelining my Chromecast dongle (unplugging from my TV) and changing a couple settings in the 2.4 GHz band on my ASUS router (Channel bandwidth to 20 MHz and Control Channel to 11, the least busy in my area) YMMV


I have cameras in two locations - both AC routers - one ASUS and one Linksys. I have the same issue with both.



Prior to this update I was having the failed connection -90 error message with the blue blinking light. After the firmware update i started to get stuck on the video data 3/3.


I have 3 Ubiquity Unifi AC access points throughout my home and still have had issues. These access points are generally considered as commercial. The management software automatically chooses the best / least congested channel for each device as well as the most appropriate band for each client device. The management software also keeps a connection history of each device.


Same Issue here with 2 out of 5 cameras that I have. I do not use MAC filtering. I have 2 of them that will either sit at 3/3 and one of those two that sometimes says connection failed. Sometimes they work…Sometimes they do not. It does not matter if it is in house or remotely, the same issue exists. Just by a process of elimination, I think the Wyze people are not too wise if they truly believe that it is a router issue. That seems like a cop out and they truly need to get this issue fixed. Logic seems to tell me that if all the other cameras have no issues that it is not a problem with my network and very probable to be an issue with their firmware update. Time to get our head out of the sand Wyze.


Can’t agree more…
My test (swapped 3 upgraded cams to 3 new, and did not upgrade firmware - they work just reasonably fine) proved, that the problem is with the firware upgrade. 3 out of 3 stuck when upgraded, 3/3 works with the non-upgraded firmware. How can it be explained differently?

I also got the request to run RouteThisHelps, but I will be able to do so only when visut the location next time (it is already annoying, I use these cams to monitor a shop, and visiting them takes driving, parking, and a lot of time. But will do.)


When will Wyze do something about this known issue? Do they not read these boards, or are they simply ignoring this bug for some reason?


My best guess is that they know about it, but refuse to publicly accept it.

Hopefully they will issue a new firmware soon which solves the issue. Otherwise they are lined up behind those startups, who get dizzy from fame, and forget their true partners, the customer.


UPDATE: Everything working fine now - “sticker macs” appearing again instead of the Xiaomi macs, local and remote access OK, connect speed fine. How - had a momentary neighborhood power outage, 2 seconds or less, router and cams rebooted at same time. Whether this, in conjunction with their recent Android and Apple app updates, had any bearing on resolution, can’t say for sure, but worth a try.

5 v.1 cams on

Netgear Orbi mesh router

BTW - Wyze is very active and responsive on reddit



Yes - This has become very frustrating. Starting to think about writing these cameras off as a mistake and ponying up for something else. Speakup Wyzecam or soon nobody will be listening.


Last night I completely factory reset my Asus ac66u router and will try to see if this makes any difference. I did this on the last wyzecam firmware and it made no difference to the -90 failed flashing blue light issue but l see if it makes a difference with the new .2.30 firmware. So far reporting that its been working all day so far.


It’s the end of the day1… cam1 showing failed-90 blue flashing light. Second cam working still…


I promised an update on the three cameras, with the NON updated firmware, in a location, where all three, updated firmware cameras failed to work.

So far, all three are working. Sometimes slow to provide picture, but all in all, they work.

This is a further proff, that the firmware upgrade rendered the other three cameras unusuable… Wyze, please, respond on this, this is getting embarrassing for you now.


Can you let me know what your support ticket number is? I want to make sure you get a response from one of our techs, thanks!


Wow! I’m sorry all of you are experiencing issues! I’m making sure our techs see this thread so they can start assisting. If you guys have already contacted support, please let me know your support ticket numbers so I can follow up and make sure you are getting assistance.


I have ticket #28441. Mariah has replied to all my emails so far. No complaints on that, I just don’t really agree with what she is telling me is the issue.