Wyze Webview : Development Response Requested

No I’m not, and no I don’t. Read again. I was trying to be empathetic to your position. I don’t give two bytes about the beta because I never used it. I am quite happy using my Wyzecams with TinyCam. You’re a bit carried away to be honest.

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I just saw a post stating the user had bought 8 Cam+ licenses just to use webview - not sure how other users fix that without Wyze involvement? But tough right?

I’d be interested in knowing what Wyze plans to do about this. Will they offer an apology, some sort of credit, etc? As I’ve said, I’m done buying Wyze - my expectation that you would operate like other similar companies was misguided.

I get a lot of negativity for my comments, but I’m just brutally honest. Good luck, I hope you can turn it around.

I did, and you are missing the point. People paid for Cam+ just to use webview. And your take, well it’s a mistake - but tough luck? Wyze really should do something about those users - they are rightly upset. Do you even know how many people did this? “honestly no one is wrong here” - yes they are. Quit defending the indefensible.

This whole discussion is silly. Lesshort, I don’t know how long you’ve been using Wyze products, but if it’s any length of time you should know better. A request on Beta testing data is absurd. An assumption of " People paid for Cam+ just to use webview" is silly. Wyze isn’t into completing any one product or debugging it. It’s into hacking a product and moving on to the next thing. These products are basically for techies who enjoy to fiddling and experimenting. So, relax and enjoy it. You signed up for this.

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Tell that the guy who posted that he bought eight licenses just for webview. Is he a fool, as others might say?

A beta means something specific, not whatever this nonsense is. I have a lot of Wyze products and hoped they would be a leader.

I don’t think you know the meaning of the word beta. You, as a beta tester and not a developer, aren’t entitled to nothing until it gets released and you will never get access to codes on their web server. So chill out its just a webpage not a piece of hardware.

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So far, no one on this forum (including you), seems to understand what a software Beta program is. If you’ve bothered to read the updates, you will see perfectly good definitions. I’ve also been a Beta tester on multiple products, and ran a Beta program as Development Manager. So, yes, I understand what a Beta is - and this Wyze one, is not. All of those involved 2-way communication. I’m not suggesting I become a developer for Wyze (though I’ll ask, they need help!).

You may be confused, because I was not talking specifically about being a Beta Tester. I’m happy to help Wyze for free, but I expect my input to count for something - not be ignored (and then everyone jumps to the defense; "Its’ user-to-user, “You must be a fool…”, this is a good one from a recent post: “I signed up 8 of my camera’s to Cam plus so I could use Wyze Live Stream. What ever Wyze did, FIX IT!”)

So not only is Wyze not running a real “beta”, they seem unconcerned that people bought licenses specifically to use with webview. This just looks like poor customer service to me? Probably covered in the small print, but hardly sound business. Another user said “they were fools”. A Maven called it an honest error. Well, not my concern really.

I don’t want the source code! I want code updates delivered via the appropriate mechanism, so that the “Beta” incrementally improves - it would be nice to be told what is in each update, else how do we test it? You’d probably know that if you understood what a Beta is.

Interesting comment about being just a webpage vs hardware. First of all, it’s a terrible comparison. Both should be expected to work under normal conditions. But I have to say, Wyze HW developers seem to be way ahead in the quality stakes over the software developers (sorry guys). If you want a crap design, look no further than the App, the lack of the App Dashboard on the Web, or webview. The hardware maybe be cool, but when the software is irritating…

I get the feeling people think Wyze are just nice folks and we should be grateful? They are a business, and they can speak for themselves. They are in it for the money. They are not industry leaders in technology. They reinvent the wheel. They can do better - we all can, right?

And we should feel free to be critical on the forums - they’re only user-to-user after all (everyone should assume none of their forum posts will ever be seen, or that a thread with hundreds of votes will ever get done).

Have a nice day and, you too, chill out!

The gentlemen (@lessshort) doth protest too much, methinks.

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The phrase is used in everyday speech to indicate doubt of someone’s sincerity, especially regarding the truth of a strong denial.

What, precisely, am I denying and what was not sincere? I explained with great detail what a software Beta program looks like, but all anybody does is defend the lackluster efforts made by Wyze. Why shouldn’t we complain about things being done badly?

Updates like yours provide absolutely no useful content.

My goodness this is an embarrassing post.

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It’s not just embarrassing. it’s “unhelpful”.

There is no official or strict meaning of ANY beta program. You may understand the general concept of ‘beta’, but once you called it a beta ‘program’ you must then acknowledge that we’re now talking about something that is set up, determined, orchestrated, planned, and managed by WYZE and the beta program is consists only of that which they offer. IF they want to provide indepth notes each time they get something done behind the scenes, they may, but this is in no way a given just because the word ‘beta’ is there. They, nor anyone else that doesn’t explicitly tell you before you buy their subscription, “We WILL provide updates, notes, and announcements on a consistent basis (or ever) to our subscribers” owe you that.

It is well established that it is a bad idea to purchase something for a feature or service that is promised to be completed later. This is the reason it is seen as foolish. We don’t necessarily mean to use that as a namecalling-esque insult, but the act is yet completely unwise. Beta always means its still technically in some sort of phase of testing. Disregarding all the other features included in the subscription you’re paying for and pretending that this is actually the only part you’re buying and expecting to recieve, You’re gaining access to a beta program, not a product. The product can leave, go to another tier of subscription, be cancelled, or even only appear for 1 month at a time before being hidden from you for 3 more months while they take it back and rewrite the coding behind it. That’s all completely allowed, okay, and sometimes even BEST for the development process depending on the scenario.

Effectively, we would all like more information, and to have more access to something that we hoped to have access to. We share your feelings there. But we cannot ignore the “get what you paid for” aspect here. Your attitude could fit if you they were robbing you or taking things out of the service you were promised after your payment. But this is not the case, you either understand already that you aren’t actually being cheated, but would strongly prefer more information, more speediness, and a more effectively complete product OR you are actually not aware of what it means to have beta access included within your subscription.

You keep pointing out how everyone else is providing no useful content or substance. Do you mean for you or for the wyze community forum? Remember that this is a community forum. Surely you can appreciate that the focus of such would be for the community to engage with other members of the community, right? So what do you think of calling on the developers for an answer to your greivences does for the community? This would better be handled by means of ticketing or atleast a support line/email. If you were hoping to both seek this out and also benefit the community at the same time, great, but once you saw that every response was from members chiming in to point out how obtuse your attitude is, many probably hoped for you to care a little. You’re getting every response here targetting you and your attitude instead of the webview issue itself because of how you’re writing here. It’s not that everyone just likes to “troll, argue, and insult” like a youtube comment section. With that in mind, I have to point out the irony here, that this makes your post and all of your comments actually content that I would certainly consider unhelpful and unuseful(the thing you keep pasting on everyone responding to you.)

But its up to you. Everyone here is wrong but you, Or, maybe you’re a bit carried away or have lost sight because not having more answers to your question has upset you. We all get upset sometimes, so it’s understandable to a point, but this whole thread is all so much more heated and confrontational than it needs to be.

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Wow, @malsisalaam , that is one of the best first posts we’ve seen. Unfortunate circumstances of course.

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“everyone here…” You mean the 6 Wyze sycophants that clearly lack any real world Beta experience, but will defend the atrocious process Wyze implemented? In that case, yes I am right and they are wrong - and it’s not based an opinion. Arguing for a bad Beta vs a good one is pretty silly imho. But, yes, I’m arrogant, don’t suffer fools gladly, and all of my comments are wrong. Go figure.

Let me try this. Maybe Wyze could not afford a Rolls Royce webview Beta, but is the broken down old Ford really the next best option, and is it acceptable to the customers? Why shouldn’t we have a decent Beta, why defend something that sucks big time.

Finally, quit poking me and go update all the webview users on the forum who are rightly annoyed or angry with webview. They may be fools, but they deserve to understand what is going on with Wyze here, and why they are treated so poorly, when there are so many great examples of how to do it properly.

We pay for Wyze products long before they are delivered. What’s the difference?

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[Mod Edit] It might have something to do with the users who go into bed with Wyze in the early days and assumed they had some special relationship. Well Wyze is now a mainstream company and needs to answer to it’s customers, not it’s geek squad “users”.

I have reached out to Wyze on the Beta web view (because no one here was bothering). We’ll see what they say. You may also want to check out AMA on Reddit. Again, mostly geek squad, but some general questions do come up. They admit that communications and customer support are currently way behind where it needs to be. The good news, is that they are aggressively hiring, so things should improve.

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So you would not agree that the web Beta was different from say the Beta App testing? You would argue that whatever Wyze does is fine. While these forums are user-to-user, there was no reason Wyze had to go that way with this specific Beta. Indeed, if you go look at the Beta guidelines you don’t see anything relevant to the web, like sending logs, capturing errors, or generally getting two way communications. It is perfectly reasonable to expect a mainstream company to provide a decent Beta for such a wished for feature. It is even more reasonable to expect it updates like we do on the other Beta’s. Thus my comments. But instead of agreeing that it could be improved, you felt the need to criticize.

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@Seapup I think it would be better if this thread was closed down. It’s possibly helpful to some customers looking to see why things are the way they are. But other than that, it’s served it’s purpose - things have moved beyond the forum. PM me if you want details.


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