Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Thanks. This looks great in firefox on my PC. I can only see events. Initially it does not allow me to select Live View on the menu, However after viewing events if I go back to the Live View button, it will allow me see to view. Probably just a little quirk which will be fixed in time.
One thing I would like to have is the ability to delete the events at the time I view them, or delete a group. I can’t delete more than one at a time on me smartphone either, so perhaps it is not prossible. I’m talking about deleting the events recorded to my memory card, not the online view. Is that possible?

The doorbell camera will not load love the concept.

as a cam plus user on two of my five cameras I have never heard of lifetime cam plus subscriptions - where is that and what is the pricing compared to the monthly vs yearly price?

WYZE posted earlier that they are still working on the doorbell camera connection.

It worked for me yesterday on my 2 cams that have Cam Plus, however I had to keep signing in over and over again. Today it doesn’t work at all. I keep getting this error message when I try to sign in. I’ve tried numerous times throughout the day and evening. “Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized”

It isn’t lifetime… they call it unlimited but really allows 99 or less cameras for $100 year

Thanks - was not aware of that option - hadn’t seen it advertised or offered anywhere - been a long time wyze user!

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On my setup I only get 3 cameras to work at once. Agree screen layout should be customizable.

Would also like, in full screen mode, to be able to move to any other camera without exiting full-screen.

Also multiple camera layouts, like the app and most other camera systems have

Excellent start guys!!!

Would also like the ability to stay logged into the page rather than being kicked out after x amount of inactivity. For me being able to switch over to this part to check my cameras, anytime without re-logging in, would be a must. I suspect that may be simialr for a lot of other users

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Why not let the end user make the choice? As long as you are clear about the impact on battery life.

Yes! This is exciting! WebView is definitely on the right track… looking forward to the sound working…

I would advocate allowing outdoor cameras to work with the application. I am planning on installing solar panels to charge. Thus shortened battery life should not be an issue. Make it the user’s choice, not WYZE.

The solar panels will not be enough to compensate for very much live streaming on a daily basis, not to mention when the skies are cloudy. The panels is intended to charge the WOC under normal conditions, or at best when you occasionally stream video. So please don’t think you can stream very often because you have a solar panel installed.

Same boat; also, on the app, one of my cam plus subscriptions reads “in-app” and the others read “web”. Is there a distinction?

How do you sign up for it though? I haven’t seen that option.

URL is Live stream - Wyze (at the top of this thread)

I’m so glad you’re gettin’ this done!

I have 8 Cam Pans and I have paid for 8 Cam Plus licenses. 7 of my Cam Pans display a stream. 1 Pan Cam has a message in the little sub-window stating that web view is not supported on this device. Anyone else experiencing this?

Off topic I know, but worth looking at the ‘Unlimited’ (99 cameras I think) CamPlus offer as yo uhave 8 cams

I have just tried the beta and it is exactly the features/capability I was hoping for. I have only tested on my home pc this time, but will be reviewing/testing access on my SmartTV’s next.
Thank you Wyze !!

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