Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Loving this, thank you! Long time WyzeCam owner, Been dying for web/pc view, didn’t realize it was in Beta.

Well worth the Monthly subscription to Cam Plus!

Did you ever get them working? I have same problem, can’t find any solutions so far.

If you’re asking grahasi if he ever got his battery powered outdoor cameras working, the answer is no.

I still have not been able to view the live stream on my mac.

Hi Misty, try using the Google Chrome browser and make sure any ad blocker extensions are turned off if you use them.
I have had success on my Mac by using only the Chrome browser, since Safari or Firefox does not seem to work with the live stream feature. also make sure to have a compatible

Wyze cam such as the V2 or V3 cameras and you must subscribe to Cam Plus for each camera to work with live stream.
Hope this helps.

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Wyze should ask Amazon how they solved their Firefox problem with the Cloud Cam.
It may have been Firefox’s fault, but eventually the two of them worked out their incompatibility, so there must be a Wyze way to do it.

I hace 6 v3 cameras all with CamPlus, some of which I share. Web view is working for all of my cameras. I also have 2 v2 and 2 v3 cameras that are shared to me by family members. The v2’s do not have CamPlus but the v3’s do. However, in webview all 4 say “Live stream is not supported on this camera.” Clicking on that link it then says " Hang on! This requires Cam Plus for now."

Question is - once live will webview allow you to view shared cameras that have CamPlus?

Add silk browser support please. I’ve been using tinycam pro on my firestick to view my (4) v3s but there are stability issues. I run it 24/7 to view my cameras. Be nice if I didn’t have to buy a mini pc. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Tried this for the first time today on my Mac using Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The first two would not work, just spinning, spinning, spinning. I get a picture with Chrome but no sound. Is there supposed to be sound?

Reported multiple times, among many other issues. Given the amount of resources available, we need to be patient. Requirements will need to be prioritized once it gets to a real Beta (frankly there’s not enough to test to call it a Beta).

So some of our stuff is going to be low on the list. I thought the login page / timeout would be at the top, but I was wrong I guess :slight_smile:

It’s working on my Mac using Chrome (no fancy configurations or changes, right out of the box). It’s slow, but that should improve over time.

I suspect you will have to wait for this, given the laundry list and lack of resources to work on it.

Browsers – Works on Edge and Chrome but not Firefox.
Live Stream – Cam Plus Cameras work but Cam Plus Door Bell does not work.
Live Stream - No Date/Timestamp in Full Screen view.
Events – Cam Plus Cameras work but Cam Plus Door Bell displays sideways.