Wyze Web View Enhancements

Yes I know Web View is still in Beta but -

Add Feedback button to the page for comments and problem reporting.

Automatically show live feed instead of having to click on the “play” button.

Capability of creating groups with overlapping cameras. Cams in one group cannot be added to a second group.

Capability of moving camera views around on the screen.

Capability of resizing camera windows to fit the screen. Auto sizing feature would be most helpful. Have three cams. Two are side by side and the 3rd one is only halfway on the screen. 1st camera should be in the upper left corner of the screen.

No way to exit from full screen mode. ESC doesn’t work and no “back” button.

Back arrow doesn’t work to exit from viewing an Event. Hopefully fast forward and speed selection will be possible like slowing videos down.

SD card access would be helpful.

Capability to save videos to hard drive from both Events and SD card.

Capability of removing non-Cam Plus cameras from the screen.

Needing to logon again after a certain period of time is annoying! The Wyze app doesn’t make us do this.


Agree with the last one. The timeout is very short and if you have two factor authentication takes a bit to get logged back in. At least give am option to trust the device to bypass 2 factor


100% agree on 2FA issue!

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@WyzeGwendolyn Please help us

Hey all WyzeGwendolyn is out of the office for a bit.

There is a few loose requests that fall in line of your enhancement requests in the wishlist thread, but best way for your enhancements/requests to be seen is here

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And to help any discussion be seen, it is best to post it in the announcement thread.

But yes, Gwen will be out for a few weeks.


Let’s try to call for @Jason21271 instead then :smiley:

You called? I have read through the conversation an d Web View is currently in beta so they are continually working on it. The 2FA and timeout issues have been brought up to the team.