Wyze, Wayzn and Alexa

I have numerous Wyze cameras including the newish Outdoor wireless camera.
I installed the Wayzn Sliding Glass Door Opener and connected it with the Alexa App on my Galaxy S20+ cell phone and a couple of Fire tablets. I can say "Alexa, open or close the sliding glass door and it all works great.
I’ve written an Alexa routine that recognizes the Wyze Outdoor camera. The routine called Doggy Door to detect only “a person” using Wyze, Barks via android App setting alerts, and Opens the Sliding glass Door.
The routine fails to actually open the sliding glass door.
The only option in the Alexa App using Wyze for detection is “Person Detection”. It does bark when it sees me, but fails to open the door. Ideally it should offer to detect any motion (including my dog) and open the door. Wayn’s fix is to buy a Blink camera. I’d rather use Wyze if it will work somehow. Any ideas?

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You can use Wyze person detection via an Alexa routine to perform your action. You can’t yet use any other Wyze trigger.

I was pleasantly surprised this evening when after following Mike’s advice to mount the Wyze Outdoor Camera pointing straight down at the welcome mat, Alexa opened the sliding glass door and let my dog back in. Alexa also announced that Wyze had spotted a person at my “backdoor”. Backdoor is the name I have given Wayzn for my sliding door.
Pet recognition will be better, but I’ll take this temporary success!


Thanks for chiming in P_gallaher and happy to see Wyze Outdoor Camera worked! It would be most excellent to have ‘Pet detection’ in addition to ‘Person’ with Wyze I’m sure the right digital AI applied this would be a possibility at some point.