Wyze Watch!

Just for good measure I have asked them to please post so there is an official statement we can link to.


Jason always bounces over to me to make sure. He heard 5.0 and that we’ll fix the FCC listing straight from the horse’s mouth and confirmed he could say it publicly. He also asked for me to come in here to confirm for all of you. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I love that you came to give us a first-hand reference we can potentially link people to. As you saw, I already believed Jason (as I said, it was good enough me!), and so I updated several posts with an edit note to tell people that you guys clarified it is indeed 5.0! It will just be nice to have the option to link people to an official Wyze source about it.

Thanks for all your hard work and transparency with such things. It is appreciated.


All of these short comings are the reason that it is a tough sell even at such an inexpensive price point. Maybe for a young kid. My older kids already said they don’t want it and they are usually willing to try anything that is given to them. Add a speaker, a mic and some Google home integration and I’ll buy 5 to replace our Mi Bands.

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat. If they add a mic and speaker (and especially Google Assistant and Alexa integration) I’ll replace my Mi Bands with a bunch of Wyze watches for my whole family too.


Will the Wyze Watch have Quick Text Message Reply capabilities?