Wyze Watch!

Wow, it’s cheaper than the Wyze Band!? From my experience with my band, it wasn’t enough to replace my Apple Watch, but the Wyze Watch is intriguing. For $20 I might take a gamble.

Bigger Display
Measures Blood Oxygen
Shortcuts for my Wyze Products
Heart Rate
9 Days of Battery Life!
Water Resistant



Agreed that it won’t replace my Apple Watch. Looks intriguing. If it was smaller I’d think about it for my kids.

The battery life you mention appears to be fore the larger 47mm model. The 44mm gets 14 days.
My Garmin Vivoactive is good, but battery life has fallen from 6 1/2 days to 2 days. A common issue. So If I can get 14 days or near I don’t care about no gps.
Yes I have pre-ordered the Wyze watch. Too good a price not to try it.

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With no speaker or microphone it won’t replace any smart watch, much less something like an Apple Watch.

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  • No Microphone.
  • No Speaker.
  • =No AI Assistant Smart Home control, no phone calls, No music
  • No local storage.
  • No passively monitoring oximeter.
  • No choosing rate of heartrate monitoring (only option is once with a 5 minute cooldown). They said they made the choice to restrict our choices on this to force us to have a a longer battery life, rather than let us choose if it was something we wanted.
  • Can’t open the smart lock with it.
  • No NFC chip.
  • FCC Filing says it is only Bluetooth 4.0 instead of 5.0 (so small range, not fast enough to be considered an IOT device, uses a lot more resources and battery than if they put a little more effort into it)

The above issues combined make it an absolute no deal for me. I will wait until they come out with a version 2 that has things expected in every real smartwatch. This is more accurately a fitness band with a big square display that is still very limited.


Good list, I think at this point the most I will use it for is sleep monitoring. I charge my Apple Watch at night so I can’t use it to track my sleep.

I don’t really use my watch to take phone calls, but it’s nice to see a incoming call and decline it if I don’t know who they are.

I don’t mind not being able to open my smart lock with it either, that’s more of a security issue than anything. Last thing I want to do is lose my watch and give someone (in my case) access to my house.

But yeah, no GPS either. That list makes it hard to replace the Apple Watch. But if I didn’t have a smart watch, $20 for what they are offering would be a great deal.


Please help me understand: I own a Band already by the way.

Measuring blood oxygen via inexpensive dedicated devices is problematic enough via fingertip. How would this watch provide a reliable reading, especially with the Band already demonstrating inconsistent heart beat readings?

Why a Watch that does so little when many of us invested in the Band, hoping to see improvements there? How would this Watch compliment the Band, and improve my life?

I’ve owned multiple smart bands and watches. Average cost over $100. My latest Garmin became very erratic and eventually would not stay paired to my phone. My Fitbit experience was ok, had to recharge them every 3 to 4 days.

I’ve yet to own a smart watch or band that provided clear communication with my cell phone so not having that is fine

I see no mention of integration with my cell phone, like the Band does, for pushing my various alerts. I benefit from the vibration when my phone rings, or any push notifications I enabled.

Apparently it doesn’t read your blood oxygen all the time, only when you open the blood oxygen app on the watch. But according to their FAQ:

The back of the watch has an LED cluster which emits two wavelengths of light. Combining the information they each collect, the watch screen shows your blood oxygen saturation level.

Seems to be connected bluetooth to your phone, according to the FAQ it has limited usability without a smart phone.

Your watch will have limited function without your smartphone. It will be able to track your blood oxygen level, heart rate, alarm, timer, and step count.

But it will receive text messages and allow you to see who is calling and reject the call. My guess is it follows the alert settings on your phone like the band.

It is listed as having Bluetooth 5.0 here in the details section:


I don’t believe the Wyze Watch is trying to replace something like the Apple Watch, but rather lower the barrier to entry on smart watches just as the Wyze Cam made home monitoring affordable for the average person.

If it tells time and has a few handy functions like health monitoring and maybe email/text/call notifications that’s probably enough for most people to throw $20 at it. If you need GPS or LTE or other advanced features you’ll still end up with an Apple Watch, just like you’ll end up with wired cameras and an NVR full security system if a Wyze Cam isn’t enough.


Yes it is, but I believe this is a typo just as they had several other typos when they first launched the page. The FCC filing and all the tests for it say it is 4.0…so unless they made some major changes in just the last couple of weeks and then just happened to forget to tell the FCC and have everything retested…IDK, it is possible. I asked Wyze about the discrepancy, but they haven’t responded.


My question is: does it have controls for music on the watch. For 20 dollars I don’t expect it to have all the smartwatch features, but that is one feature I look for in a smart watch.

From the product page:

Compatible with popular apps

Messaging, weather, music, video, and many more apps!

It doesn’t specify which music apps or what it can control.


And NO Alexa integration like the band has! That ruined it for me. I hope it continues with the band going forward.

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One of the questions that has been asked is referring to the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth is 5.0 and the FCC information will be fixed.


Do you have a reference for this from a Wyze source?

This has been confirmed within Wyze. It will be fixed soon.

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In a Maven/Mod forum I guess. I wonder why they didn’t say it in the normal public forum where we’ve been asking and where they answered other questions. I wish they would have someone officially say it publicly. Oh well.

Still, that is good news for this product. 5.0 is a significant improvement over 4.0. Glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing then guys.

I currently do not. I went through private channels to get an answer and was told I could say it publicly. I can see if I can get someone from Wyze to pop in and verify.


That’s good enough for me. You’ve always been trustworthy, and I do know that they respond to you mods/mavens specifically when you ask such things, so I accept it (though of course official employee responses are always preferable. I will update some of my posts asking about this with an edit note that Wyze has said it is indeed 5.0. That’s why I was asking. It would’ve been better to be able to reference people a specific Wyze response, rather than a “just take my word for it” from a 3rd hand I believe it type of thing. Thank you for responding, both of you.