Wyze Watch Wishlist

Received my Wyze Watch today, here’s my initial wish-list in order of most-to-least desired:

  • Clock face: I would predefined digital clock faces which are more sedate, provide day of week/date, and are easy to read – the garish colors / styles are embarrassing when dressing professionally. For analog clock face, please add all 60 second/minute markers around edge of watch, and make them bright enough to be seen at 30 degree angle. Also extend the second hand close enough to those markers to read exact time. Please make hour/minute hands easier to distinguish. For digital, please add 24-hour mode. Also, please provide display such as this:
    Fri mm/dd/yy
    perhaps with an optional :SS and an optional time-zone indicator. Keep in mind that different countries have different time localization expectations.

  • Count-down timer. Please allow screen to be turned off when count-down timer is running. Also, please allow multiple count-down timers to run at same time. Also, please don’t pause the count-down timer when prompting for confirmation to cancel or pause. Another idea would be to show time-remaining for soonest count-down timer overlaid on watch screen.

  • Text-message notifications I would like to be able to choose one of a number of pre-defined (but customizable) responses, and send them – such as “In meeting/driving”, “Yes”, “No”, “Need to talk first”. I would expect to set these up in the Wyze app.

  • Read calendar I would like to be able to view today’s calendar events on my watch (or at least the number of minutes before next meeting). The heavy lifting of interfacing with my phone’s calendar app would be done by the Wyze app.

  • MMS text messages I would like to be able to view/listen to MMS messages.

  • Wyze Watch setup doesn’t work if Wyze app installed in the Samsung Secure Folder. The Wyze App itself seems works fine (eg, WyzeCam v2 works within the Secure Folder) but initial setup of Wyze Watch does not (can’t get past scanning the QR code).

  • Emails I would like to be able to read the last few emails from a small number of email addresses, on my watch. I would expect to register those email addresses in the Wyze app, and then have the app monitor my phone’s email client, and allow me to read the body text (no attachments/pics) on my watch. Being able to respond with same predefined responses described for text messages would also be great.


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