Wyze Watch V2

I would like to view my cameras (separately of course) on my Wyze watch. Seems like it should be a no-brainer for Wyze. What an outstanding feature this would be to distinguish Wyze watches from Apple watches because apparently for some reason many are comparing the two.


Seems like that could work, if the footage can go over BT fast enough. (Also, does the watch only come with the more traditional watch strap, or does it also come with one more like the Wyze Band where you just need to snap it into place?)

To be honest, if Wyze doesn’t enable these watches to view the Wyze cameras then I don’t see a point in wearing them when I already have an Apple Watch that does so much more. It’s a fun watch to wear but this is just a deal breaker for me. This watch should have been designed around the cameras to begin with. It’s just a fancier version of the Wyze band that I quit wearing in a few days. I’m going to have to rethink my Wyze purchases from this point on.


I came from a fitbit ionic which has music controls where I can change songs and volume level. Can we please get this simple functionality built in the Wyze watch??

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It would be great if the watch had the ability to completely disable wireless communication, such as Bluetooth. I only want to have the Bluetooth on for short periods of time as I am concerned about the health effects of the transmitter being strapped to one place on my body all the time. It also extends the life span of the battery between charges. It would be even better to have a feature to only turn on Bluetooth when the watch is plugged in, when the power consumption does not matter and my body is not being irradiated.

While I understand the battery life concerns, Bluetooth isn’t even close to being able to harm you. For example, even visible light is a type of radiation. Now, if you have a pacemaker, I’d understand the health concerns a lot more, but it seems that the watch won’t interfere with it if you have one. No matter where you go, you’re gonna be irradiated. Heck, if I recall correctly, even humans and bananas give of a very tiny bit of radiation. Also, with the bluetooth off, how are you gonna use shortcuts on the watch and get notifacations from your phone?

Visible light is WAY more risky than Bluetooth.

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Received my watch (47) Friday. So far I’m reasonably impressed with what you have provided for $20. I’m aware that this is a different platform and probably OEM so I’ll refrain from band comparisons/envy. Here are a few things I’d like to see improved.

  • All the data in the app should be shown on the data page of the watch.
  • Adjustable interval for continuous heart rate monitoring
  • More/better faces. Complications (heart rate,steps etc) available on all styles.
  • Improved weather (temp) accuracy
  • Ability to rearrange apps, most frequently used first
  • Ability to leave the timer screen with timer still running
  • Longer/harder haptics (possibly a double tap)
  • Continuous SpO2 monitoring. If possible on this platform
  • Subject line for (G)mail notifications
  • High contrast color scheme

Looking forward to seeing how this product evolves and the 44mm shipment


An issue I’ve been experiencing over the last few days. Watch would sometimes disconnect from phone and would not be able to automatically connect back. iOS, Wyze app set always to run in background, both in constant proximity with each other. Only fix is to turn off my bluetooth in phone and turn it back on. No other bluetooth devices connected.

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I’ll 2nd the 2nd… is that a 3rd or 4th? Oh well this will be nice. I don’t need to monitor my cycle as I am male , and old

After a few days with it. I’ve noticed that the Timer when it completes only vibrates some of the time, which I’m hoping can be fixed with a software/firmware update. I will also say it would be nice if the timer could still run even if navigating to another app or screen on the watch.

And lastly, it would be nice to export data from the watch through the Wyze app on the phone to save it or be able to share any of it.

For $20 I’m still impressed. I’m not expecting it to be as capable as say a $300 Apple Watch, but it is a very capable watch at the price point and has a lot of features at that price point.


I agree it’s a nice watch at this price point but seriously wouldn’t you like it even more if you could view your Wyze cameras on it? Add this feature and it gives my Apple Watch a run for its money. Just sayin’


The choice of wrist generally applies to activity tracking. Right handed people should choose left, since they may be using their right hand and cause it to track steps when you’re just doing things with your right hand.

I have to say that for version 1 this is a nice nice start. But on this thread people who are suggesting Hardware suggestions like LTE or some other additional Hardware is only going to jack up the price of the watch. Components cost software is something different. So I would have to say that the software suggestions are very good as far as watch faces I like the flashlight suggestion. I will have to say that my suggestion would be to stay away from Facebook properties. I will not be using Facebook on this watch and may I say I do not enjoy Facebook one bit so I would more favorably like how to get slack messages or some kind of secure message app to work with this watch.


I would love to see the Wyze Band and Wyze Watch support a “persistent Bluetooth” option (perhaps with a warning to the user that this will greatly reduce battery life). A persistent connection would enable Android users to use Bluetooth “Smart Lock” to keep their phone unlocked when the watch/band is connected. This would also lay the groundwork for other features I’d love to see added to the Wyze Watch / Band like automatic health data syncing in the background and phone media control from my wrist.


That’d be awesome! Plus, maybe you could use the Band/Watch to unlock your Wyze Lock when you get home?

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On Wyze Band if you hook up Alexa you can already unlock your door with you voice. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I mean just walking up to the door and having the lock detect your specific band, and then unlocking on its own. (or, just press a button on the band’s screen under the Tools app)